Q&A with Todd Haley – 9/30

Posted Sep 30, 2010


OPENING REMARKS: “We had our third day of field work. We really had four good days of work, three lifts, got some real good runs. I feel like coming into this week it was very important that made some hay, made some progress as a team. That’s what I kept our focus on throughout the week for the most part and I feel like we accomplished that, that each and every day got a little better. I feel like we have a bunch of guys that got some much needed work and at the same time we were able to get some work done internally on offense, defense and special teams on some of the things we have been talking about for the last month to get cleaned up, tweak, bring in new whatever it was, this is the time to get that done and I feel like we had a good week of progress. I feel good about the way the week played out.”


Q: You had Charlie Weis back today. Is it nice to have him back?

HALEY: “Again, I will stay out of any of our guys’ personal business. We had a very productive day today and I have felt that each and every day we got better across the board. We obviously had a little different format so we had plenty of coaches through the week and plenty of work that we were able to get done in a lot of different areas. I feel real good about the way the week played out and now we will get a little rest, much needed rest for our guys and then we will be back at it on Monday.”

Q: What does it say about Charlie that he was able to put off his medical needs to coach the game last Sunday?

HALEY: “I think that for us to become what we need to become and what our goals are, this is going to be a team effort. I have worked real hard at making sure that is the way I think, that is the way I keep my focus and that is really the way part of the progress and encouragement I have had and seen is through us becoming a team and when you do cross over and become a good team, it is about one thing, getting a little better every day. It is about the entire unit, not individuals but that is the way our guys think. That is the way our coaches think and I know we have more and more players that understand that and that to get to where we want to get to, we have to be a team. I feel like we have made a lot of progress in that area and I’m not skirting around anything. The way we are thinking is that we are all going to do anything and everything for the cause and when you have 61, plus your coaches, plus the building thinking in that direction, generally you are probably going to be in more games than you are not.”

Q: Does it show strength that Charlie was able to go through the pain and still coach and then have a procedure after the fact?

HALEY: “I don’t know. That is not something I would want to or chose to answer I just think this is about our team, which includes our coaching staff getting a little better every day and making progress. That is really what our focus is and that is why I have been encouraged.”

Q: Do certain games present better opportunities to take chances like you did on Sunday or is that more of a philosophy of something you look to do each and every game?

HALEY: “Yeah, I think probably the ladder. There aren’t necessarily games that you go into thinking in that direction. We game plan for every opponent we play on all sides of the ball and part of that game plan is about what we are going to be able to do really well and part of that is what our opponent may have some difficulties in sometimes and then we implement the game plan, we practice it and on Sunday it becomes about our team, our players playing better than the team we are playing and that means executing the game plan more often than not. Last week, I thought the guys at least to date through the time that I have been here was the best team effort we have had as far as getting that part done (executing).”

Q: Do you ever get to the point where you are pretty sure that some of these gadget plays are going to work?

HALEY: “There are definitely high risk-reward plays that are called that make for some heavy breathing or lack of breathing while the play is going on. That is part of football and that is no different than feeling like we have a chance on a blitz. It is a risk-reward if you want to bring extra guys, you know you are putting yourself at a disadvantage somewhere. When we are calling blitzes we hold our breath on certain blitzes and when we call certain plays, we are holding our breath and on special teams when you are going to double handle the ball or onside kick, for those again it is risk-reward. You are trying to make an educated guess or a gamble that we can execute and there is a weakness there that can be taken advantage of but both things have to happen.”

Q: Of the honorary coaches, who do you think may have a future in coaching?

HALEY: “I said this yesterday, all fourteen, plus the WR Jerheme Urbans and a couple other guys that have already kind of been in this for awhile have really surprised me. There isn’t one that I wasn’t impressed with in some way or another in all different ways. All fourteen really impressed me. I thought they took this and ran with it. They took ownership, they were into it and into helping make our team better helping from a different perspective. Again, I think there were some guys that were really good but in my mind, everybody impressed me. When you are picking names like that I wanted to make sure that I picked 14 really prideful guys and they all were and they all showed that with the way they attack this and it was fun. I can’t stress how much I enjoyed it and the feedback I’ve gotten from all areas, our regular coaches, our player coaches and our players has all been that they have really enjoyed the week and they felt like we were productive. That is the most important thing because I knew going into this week we had to be productive and make progress in all areas. We had too much work to do for this to not be a week that we didn’t grind it out.”

Q: Seemed like LB Mike Vrabel was pretty intense out there. He looks the part, is he thinking this might be something for him when he is done?

HALEY: “He is good. I got some ammo though since it is Thursday, you guys were gone and he and Coach Waters were going mano y mano on calling their sides of the ball. It got down to crunch time and I happen to be standing over by Mike and RAC (Romeo Crennel) and I were talking and all the sudden I heard Mike, (whispering) ‘you got any suggestions?’ Meanwhile Coach Waters had a small army gathered around him. Mike wasn’t looking over there so I told him, Brian is over there waiving everybody, ‘I got it, I got it.’ It was good and they were into it and the players were into it and we got better. We made progress in a bunch of different areas.”

Q: You have made progress, have you made progress in the health department?

HALEY: “I think that this is a long season. We are three games into the first quarter and we have one more in this quarter. We had to take full advantage of this week. We needed this for our team to make improvements across the board. We are a team that is trying to become a good team and we are in the middle of that. To me success is the goal and we are not there yet but like I said, it is a long season. This handled some that and I was able to keep some guys actively involved on the end of getting us better. Again, I think the guys that were doing that, the guys that were designated coaches, they got better. Not from just not wearing themselves out standpoint, they got better and that is just my opinion. We needed time for a bunch of different reasons and the time will be good and we just need to continue to use it wisely and next week it will be full steam ahead.”

Q: When you are at the end of a game and are clearly ahead like last Sunday’s game, do you ever think about not running a play to simply put it on film for future opponents?

HALEY: “No, not in my opinion. There are some times in the preseason where you kind of make that decision in direction of what type of preseason team you are going to be. That is for good teams that can worry about that kind of stuff. We are just a team trying to make progress and become a good team. Maybe that is probably for some teams that are much more established than we are to be thinking about, but not us.”

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