Q&A with Todd Haley - 7/30

Posted Jul 30, 2010


OPENING REMARKS: “First I want to say thank you to all the people getting the training camp going, both here in St. Joe and Kansas City. I want to take my hat off to them, because what a tremendous set-up. I cannot express how excited I am to be here and I know the whole team is excited to be in a facility like this. We’re excited to get to work which we did today.

“It was not the best circumstances as we had some storms come through here as you all know, hope nobody was caught in the lightning, but we were able to get our stretching and a walk-through finished and then were able to make our way out onto the field where we wanted to be.

“Overall, I thought it was a very productive day for the Kansas City Chiefs. As we’ve tried to talk to this team about a lot, this game is about adjustments on-the-fly, and there was a lot to be distracted by today, and I thought the guys did a good job of focusing. I thought it was a pretty productive day for us and that’s what we need to do every day. We need to make a little progress we don’t need to be up and down – great one day and average the next, just be a little better every day. If we can do that we will have the chance to be a good team.”

Q: What did you like the best after the first day of practice?

HALEY: “I love that goal line at the end. We’ve been doing it for a long time and there’s great enthusiasm, great competition, players, coaches and everybody involved. It was a good end to the practice, it great competiveness and everybody made it through.”

Q: Did you think S Eric Berry was going to be here today?

HALEY: “I don’t know that that’s even a fact. I haven’t talked to anybody other than Pete (Moris) since I came off the field so I don’t that anything is done, not done, signed, not signed. As soon as something like that is up, somebody will make an announcement. We coached the guys that were out there today and they were into it and I thought it was a good day.”

Q: Offensive coordinator Charlie Weis is limping around a little bit. How is he doing coaching from a chair sometimes?

HALEY: “Can I let that fall under injuries? Charlie had a last minute something, his knee went out at the eleventh-hour – as bad of timing as you can have for him, but he toughed it out and found a way to get through and I thought he did a heck of a job.”

Q: You talk a lot about distractions. In a way did you kind of like the fact that it rained and you had to adjust?

HALEY: “I think I said that last year… I know I said it to the players, but there were days in Kansas City, we didn’t have many, but we had a couple that we started outside and had to go inside. For a coach, it may seem silly but the guys have to adjust, they have to focus and they have to refocus because everybody expected to be outside, a storm comes in – now we’re inside and then we’re going back outside. It was a good day to get better. We’re not going to mess around with lightning.”

Q: Last year it would have been a wash out but now you have a nice indoor facility to utilize?

HALEY: “I cannot say enough about the set-up here. As a coaching staff, we took a little tour last night to get our ducks in-a-row and we were really fired up. You could see it in everybody’s eyes – the meeting rooms, the dining, the field, the stadium. We’ll just be able to get a lot done, with the night practices, those are good options for us to have and be able to take advantage of. Today we were able to do that.”

Q: How long is coach Weis going to have to wear his braces?

HALEY: “Now I am going to put it under injuries. I made my comment, he’ll get mad at me. We’re not talking about injuries, coaches or players.”

Q: I know you said it’s not official about Eric, but assuming he does get in tomorrow, I would think that would please you if that meant you had everyone in camp, there were no hold-outs, that’s important to you isn’t it?

HALEY: “I’m crossing my fingers that that’s the situation. There’s so little time as it is. You need to maximize your time and be efficient. Who’s here, we’ll coach and who’s healthy, we’ll coach and try to become the best team we can.”

Q: Are you pretty satisfied on how stuff was picked-up?

HALEY: “This entire rookie group has impressed me from the start. They seem to have the ability and care about what they are doing and how they’re doing it and they have a high sense of pride, and those are good indicators. We got to see a bunch of the young guys today and hopefully he will be out here soon and he’ll be in that mix. This rookie group, this is their next opportunity to show that they want to be part of this team.”

Q: What about RB Jamaal Charles, what did you see out of him today?

HALEY: “Well we had a handful of those guys that had issues during the off-season taken care of and I was really excited that we had everybody back. WR Quinten Lawrence was out there, CB Brandon (Flowers), Jamaal, CB (Maurice) Leggett. There were a handful of guys that can be a big part of this team, obviously Jamaal being one of them. Our doctors, first off, and then our training staff have done a great job of rehabbing. They kept their focus and look to me like they all knew what was going on today so they were able to study while they weren’t participating. Those are good signs. It was good to see all of them out there running around.”

Q: How do you think Jamaal did then?

HALEY: “From what I saw, I saw a couple good cuts and I’ll wait until I see the tape to pass full judgment or Assistant Head Coach Maurice Carthon will be all over me if I’m wrong.”

Q: Can it be a positive to have a bunch of fans out there all the time?

HALEY: “Doug, there is no doubt. That’s huge for the players and that’s huge for us. I was talking to one of the coaches last night or it might have been Commissioner Goodell but it’s easy to get up for the first day of training camp, the second day of training camp. It’s when you start to hurt, you’re banged up, you’re tired and you’re getting no sleep, you’re fighting with each other and all that, you have down days that when you come out of that locker room and there’s people out there hooting and hollering, it has a huge impact – it brings an energy to the practice field which is tremendous. Whether it was Chicago, Dallas, big crowds help those guys on the hard days. The first day is a little easier than the fourteenth or the fifteenth. It has a tremendous impact.”

Q: You sent them away about seven weeks ago and said ‘don’t lose your conditioning and get ready to work.’ How did they come back as a group conditioning-wise?

HALEY: “Bob, it was clear to me that they listened and that they care. Everybody was excited. We weighed in and ran the conditioning test back at our place yesterday and everybody was excited, players and coaches alike because you know those things and you can see how they come in and I think it’s important to this group to take another step as a team. I think that’s an indicator and here as we go forward those will continue to build on each other.”

Q: How huge is that indicator for you, because obviously they’re getting the message?

HALEY: “It’s huge for me because I know it’s important to success. There is no magic formula but some of the things that I know are that you have to be in condition and strong to play to the best of your ability, and we need every one of them.”

Q: G Brian Waters wasn’t here for the off-season program last year but he passed your conditioning test on the first day last year. This year he was around for the whole off-season program and he apparently didn’t pass your conditioning test. What does that tell you about the value of your off-season program?

HALEY: “Brian did not pass last year. He passed this year.”

Q: So he has an injury then?

HALEY: “He passed the run test, in flying colors. Brian came back in shape. He did a great job. He did a great job the entire off-season and then his time and I know he’s got a busy schedule because he’s got a family like me, lots of kids, and I will say he did a tremendous job. I have not seen Brian look as good as he looks right now.”

Q: What was the issue with him then?

HALEY: “He had something, that other thing came up that we don’t talk about.”

Q: Does having the team practice in this hot weather help out with focus and concentration for less-than-ideal conditions, even though you play in a climate where it’s cold for most of the home games?

HALEY: “I’ve been involved in a lot of different training camps in a lot of different atmospheric conditions and I personally, the players probably hate me, but I grew up on the Steelers training camp in Latrobe (PA) in the middle of the summer, it’s hot, it’s sticky and Bob (Gretz) will tell you, it’s miserable, a lot of the time. I like that. It means training camp. It means everybody’s a little ornery, mad, a little nasty. Those are all good things. In Arizona, in Flagstaff, you couldn’t have better temperature conditions to practice. We were at elevation – 8,000 or 9,000 feet. It was 75 degrees every day. Oxnard, California with Dallas, some of those training camps, but I like it this way. This is football and it’s training camp. I like our schedule. I think our two-one, two-one is an excellent layout for guys to recover the way they need to and yet we’re still able on the one-a-days to get a real good lift like they did today. This morning the offense and defense lifted today together. I think it’s a real good schedule and I think the players like it. Again, I think it’s ideal for working, recover, working, recover and still making gains where you need to make gains.”

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