Q&A with Todd Haley - 9/11

Posted Sep 11, 2010


OPENING REMARKS: “Last night I thought had the effect that I was looking for. It was a little different practicing in that hour, especially with the lightning issues that forced us pretty quickly to move back down inside so we were able to create a bunch of distractions for the guys that I thought they did a good job handling and have a productive practice. Now today again, a late start for them in an effort to get on this much-later-than-normal kickoff schedule and to me, at least in my experiences with these Monday Night Football games, one of the most difficult parts of the schedule is that morning of the day of the game. It’s so different than the normal schedule that most guys are used to being in, us coaches included. That’s the part I’m trying to get everybody acclimated to – how you plan and spend your day to be ready to go at the right time. They got in here a couple hours after noon and are meeting here for an hour and a half and then will be up in the stadium a little after 5:00 p.m.”


Q: How do you think you’ll sleep Sunday night?

HALEY: “I’m a pretty good sleeper. I’m generally not somebody that lays in bed and worries a lot about things. I try to work hard all day and I’m pretty tired at night, generally. I like sleep, nights aren’t ever long enough. The night before the Super Bowl I was out like a baby. I wouldn’t think I’ll encounter any problems. That’s no reflection of how I feel day-of.”

Q: Are things a little more different, are things more exciting now that’s it’s so close and you guys are getting ready to go for real?

HALEY: “These weeks are so long. As a coach, these weeks feel like they drag on and on and on. It can’t come fast enough, really, at this point. I think guys now are to the point where we really had a bunch of extra days going back to last week and that’s one of the obstacles, trying to keep yourself focused and trying to keep the guys focused to hopefully peak at the right time.”

Q: When you go to the hotel Sunday night, will they be there until they come to the stadium or will you let them go out?

HALEY: “A night-game schedule is always a little different. I think downtown there are some things going on there with some of the political visitors that are going to create some potential issues traffic-wise so we’re actually going to move everything here on game day, pre-game meal and those types of things. We’ll end up moving over this way. Yeah, the guys though, that time is their own, any time that we don’t have something planned.”

Q: What are you most confident in going into this season?

HALEY: “I think that any time you get to the start of the season, there is so much unknown about how everything’s going to play out and there are so many variables that could change and be affected that I don’t know that confident is a word that I’m using. Not that I’m not confident, not overconfident, not under confident, there are so many things that can happen and there is so much unknown that what I’m keeping my focus on is that we show improvement because I do know to get accomplished what I want to get accomplished and what our organization wants to get accomplished, we have to continue to show improvement everyday and every game and every situation we’re presented with. If we do that and we consistently get a little bit better each day, I think things will be going in the right direction.”

Q: It’s only one of 16, there are 15 more marathons to run, but given that the Chargers are the king of the division, they embarrassed you guys twice last year, is this a benchmark game to see just how much of that improvement is actually there on the field for your team?

HALEY: “I try to stay away from benchmarks and turning points and those types of words because I think you never know when some of those things really, actually occur. I think you know after the fact, down-the-road somewhere. What is important is this is a division opponent, it’s the team that’s been the best in the division for the last four years running and this is a real good opportunity for us, the Kansas City Chiefs, our team to go out under the lights on a pretty big stage and just see exactly where we are at this point. You’re right, it is one of 16 and the important thing is we continue to improve throughout this seasons. You want to start fast, you want to be good fast, you want everything to happen a lot faster than it ever does, generally speaking, and I think the important thing is to stay focused on that fact that we’re just going to keep working, keep trying to get a little bit better each day, knowing that the result of this game cannot affect us one way or the other too much. If it does then it won’t be good for us as a team, that’s regardless of the result, that’s regardless of a big win, close win, close loss, big loss. It’s going to be a short week next week and we’re going to have to be back at it and we want to continue to improve. It’ll just be interesting to see how we show up and how we respond and if we’re seeing some of those improvements.”

Q: A lot of the experts are saying that San Diego’s window is closing. Are you surprised that talk is out there, do you see that a lot?

HALEY: “I haven’t heard it, haven’t seen anything like that. My focus is on us and really making sure we’re doing all the things as a coaching staff and I’m doing all the things I can as the head coach to make sure that we continue to make strides.”

Q: Have you determined who your emergency quarterback will be if you enter the game with only two quarterbacks?

HALEY: “Yeah, we have had multiple guys taking some snaps to prepare. Anytime you go into a game with two quarterbacks, two actual quarterbacks that are taking quarterback reps during the week, you have to have an alternative plan and you hope that you don’t get to that, but you need one. I feel good that we are prepared from that standpoint.”

Q: Do you remember where you were on 9/11/2001?

HALEY: “Yes I do. I was with the Chicago Bears; it was a game-plan day for the Jacksonville Jaguars. I took a break from an offensive game-plan meeting with the coaches. I walked by an open door and heard some of our secretaries kind of screaming out and realized something wasn’t right. That is not a day that will ever be forgotten for all of the reasons that we all know. Not a good day.”

Q: Who are your captains?

HALEY: “G Brian Waters, RB Thomas Jones, QB Matt Cassel, LB Mike Vrabel, S Jon McGraw, and I am going to designate a captain each week in addition.”

Q: Those five were chosen by their teammates?

HALEY: “Yes. I am excited about that group and the process that we went through from the standpoint of, I think that as the team grows and improves as I feel like we are doing, more of those guys show up. I am the only one that gets to see the votes but I was kind of encouraged by what I saw meaning that there are a lot more that get votes and that is good.”

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