Q&A with Todd Haley - On AFC West Title

Posted Dec 26, 2010


Q: Can you put this accomplishment in perspective for us?


HALEY: “Today was a good day. It gives you a chance to get into the mix and obviously, once you’re in there, you never know what can happen. The guaranteed way to get in is to win your division, so that’s what we’re playing the games for. Today, that came to fruition which is good for everybody involved, everybody that’s worked really hard and had to go through some pretty difficult days. This is a day to enjoy and to feel good about ourselves.”

Q: Where did you watch the Bengals game?

HALEY: “That’s my time to have a little family time and I actually got to see a couple plays, but the kids are going crazy. My wife’s sister came into town with our niece and so everybody was kind of going crazy around the house. When my phone started ringing I knew good things were happening.”

Q: What are your thoughts about getting this turned around so quickly? Does it surprise you at all or are you just still in day-to-day mode?

HALEY: “I think that’s why you stay in the day-to-day mode. You set your expectations high and you work hard and you push people to their limits. Through experience I have learned that you can get things going at least in the right direction. For us to get to this spot, this quick, is really great. I can’t say that it was necessarily expected. I know we have a lot of work to do and I don’t think we’re there, yet. When you do have success and good things happen it speeds the process a little bit. We still have our issues and things we have to continue to work on and I don’t think anything has changed for us as a team; we just have to get a little better every day and that will give us our best chance.”

Q: How do you approach the Oakland game next week?

HALEY: “I don’t know. We’ll have to get in there when we get back to work tomorrow. I would venture to say that with our team and what we’re trying to get done, our goal is to get to three wins (in the fourth quarter of the season) and I would say that we’ll get back to work to trying to get that done. When you’re in that mode and all of a sudden Cincinnati wins to help you get to your primary goal, you [still] have to try to do the right thing anyway.”

Q: The fact that you are playing for a higher seed, that will obviously have some impact in how you prepare?

HALEY: “With the position we’re in and the fact that we’ve had a couple of opportunities to take advantage when we haven’t, we’re still in the development of this team and the guys are still developing and the team is still developing. When you’re in this stage I would not think we would do a lot different than just try to get a little better each day and win each game that we play.”

Q: You still haven’t used the “p-word.” Is that still off limits?

HALEY: “No. Now that we’re in you can say whatever you want, but I probably won’t say it a whole bunch. I’m proud of the guys. There are a lot of people that have struggled through some tough times and reward in this business is winning and winning big games and we haven’t won any big, big games, but we’ve won a bunch of games this year. That’s really good for everybody involved; that’s what you do it for. This just gives us an opportunity to maybe play in some big games and bigger games and we’ll see how far we’ve come.”

Q: Your guys wouldn’t even say the “p-word” after the game. They called the playoffs the next extension of the season.

HALEY: “That’s good. I haven’t said it either, so maybe we’ll just stay in that mode.”

Q: Have you talked to Scott [Pioli]? Can you share your conversation?

HALEY: “We talked, of course. It’s a big day for everybody involved with the Kansas City Chiefs. I talked to him and Clark Hunt. There have been a lot of people involved here that have gone through difficult times. When you do have one of those feel-good days where it is actually a real good day…you have to enjoy it and I know both those guys are, for sure, and everybody involved. That’s our rule, you get to enjoy it for 24 hours.”

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