Q&A with Todd Haley 11/26

Posted Nov 26, 2010

OPENING REMARKS: “Got through Friday. Everybody was in here ready to go. We got a little extra meeting time, so we started a little (earlier) n order to try and make up for a little bit of that stuff yesterday and we also added some time on Wednesday so I feel like we actually ended up with a little more time than usual, which is good. Beautiful weather out there, nice and chilly, but probably about like it sounds like it will be on Sunday.”


Q: How do you feel about your depth at cornerback?

HALEY: “I think about like I feel everywhere else, that injuries of any kind for us are going to be a huge obstacle, really at most spots. What we need to have is guys ready for the call of duty, so-to-speak and that’s part of the development of your younger group and I don’t know how game day will go for sure – who will be up and who won’t be up – but the good thing in having some of these things go on is some younger guys get a bunch of reps one way or another. That ends up being a good thing because maybe when they wouldn’t get quite as many they’re able to get a bunch over a couple week’s time and that ultimately helps in the development.”

Q: Last week when CB Brandon Flowers went out, you put S Ricky Price on the corner. Why not CB Travis Daniels?

HALEY: “He just was having a little issue also. I know, that’s what I said, how do you not be playing and have an issue? It’s just one of those things that he got tightened up or something while he was over there so we just had to make do. We have a couple different plans in effect each and every week Bob, and some of those may involve a little smaller nickel package. We’ve repped a bunch of different scenarios to try to be ready one way or another and one of those may, like I said, LB Cory Greenwood shows some skill as a nickel backer. LB Demorrio (Williams) has nickel backer ability, focusing in on that portion. We’ve practiced a bunch of different scenarios to make sure we have all bases covered.”

Q:  Would you be more inclined to leave a nickel back at nickel back?

HALEY: “Well, that goes with the theory of don’t weaken two spots. This is a good thing that you get into these situations from the standpoint of then it makes you work even a little harder at it in some of those scenarios and going through them. Sometimes when everyone is 100 percent it is easy to kind of keep that one over here and you just talk about it, which we do every week regardless. It is a little different when you actually have to practice it and get guys showing what they can do.”

Q: So this lets you get outside of the box?

HALEY: “Yeah.”

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