Q&A with Todd Haley 12/9

Posted Dec 9, 2011

OPENING REMARKS: “[We] continued our prep for New York. Had a good Friday out there, got to get outside. Again, I thought it was one of our better Friday practices. I felt good about a lot of things we did and now we’ve just got to do a couple of those little clean up things that always occur from this point through Saturday and then we’ll get on a plane and go out there to New York and play the Jets. Biggest game of the year for us and I thought the guys have had a very good week of preparation here to this point so I think they understand the seriousness of the situation.”

Q: The Jets are pretty good at home, do the Jets play any differently at home or do they just feel more comfortable there?

HALEY: “You know I don’t know for sure. They look like they play pretty good wherever they are but I think at home maybe the crowd or whatever gives them a little push over the top whenever they’ve needed it. They are a good team as you can see from where they’ve been here the last few years, they are usually in the mix at the end and it’s most of the same players there. They are good on offense, very dangerous and they can run it and throw it and defensively they obviously creates a lot of chaos and special teams they are a very well coached group and do a good job. So going on the road, a hostile environment, much like last week and it may be amped up a little more because it is the biggest of big cities and there’s always some distraction and hoopla that goes with that.”

Q: Do you expect to have [Kyle] Orton available?

HALEY: “I list him as doubtful. He’s gotten better as the week’s gone on and we’ll keep pushing him and go right up to the last minute if we can, but put him doubtful on there.”

Q: Will Matt Cassel travel?

HALEY: “Yes. I try to keep up on whose going. Last week he didn’t go because he had a baby so this week though, as long as he’s got everything cleared at home, we are trying to have him involved as much as possible. We had him up in the box two weeks ago and he did a good job up there.”

Q: How do you expect Tom Moore’s daily presence to affect the Jets offensively?

HALEY: “I know this about Coach Moore, you can’t have more experience and it’s hard to have more positive results than he’s had through the years where he’s coached. I know in any capacity him being around, it’s going to be a help and somebody for not only the players, but the coaches to really lean on.”

Q: Everybody wants to know your thoughts about Charlie Weis getting the job at Kansas.

HALEY: “I think it’s great. I think it’s great for KU, I really do. Charlie is a really great coach and having been at Notre Dame for as long as he was and I think it’s really good. And I think all the KU fans will be fired up.”

Q: Can you just clear up when he left how that went down, and are you surprised that he only went to Florida for a year and has come back to this part of the country?

HALEY: “On the first part I think it’s kind of ludicrous that that’s out there really. Charlie and I shared an office for three years that was a 1/30 of the size of this room. Last year he was a big part of what we did and there wasn’t a negative thing that occurred in my opinion and as far as the Florida thing, there was a legitimate family issue there that he was able to really help out. As far as this decision, I’m obviously not a part of Charlie’s decision making process but every situation is different and he gets an opportunity to be the head coach at the University of Kansas, I think that’s tremendous.”

Q: Have you had any communication with him?

HALEY: “Not since he got it. We text periodically throughout the year but I haven’t talked to him since this all went down.”

Q: Do you think he’ll get himself a little blue Jayhawk rascal?

HALEY: “I don’t know, I don’t know about that.”

Q: Since apparently it’s important, can you establish whether or not you are having a team meeting tomorrow night?

HALEY: [Laughter] “I was feeling like maybe giving itineraries to everybody. I almost cancelled the team talk out on the field, I almost did but then I thought better of it.”

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