Q&A with WR Dexter McCluster - 4/23

Posted Apr 23, 2010


McCLUSTER: “I’m just happy be a part of Kansas City and I’m willing to answer any questions that you have. It’s a blessing right now, so go ahead.”

Q: What role do you expect to play in this offense?

McCLUSTER: “My role I think will be whatever Coach (Todd) Haley wants me to be. If he wants me be a slot receiver, if he wants me to be running back or return punts and kickoff return, that’s where I’ll be. It’s up to the big guy.”

Q: Have you done much returning in college?

McCLUSTER: “Not much, you know early in my career, in 2006 I did up until some things happened. Everything is good, I do it every day, I work hard every day and it’s not going to be a problem at all.”

Q: Why didn’t you do more of it in college?

McCLUSTER: “Coach Houston Nutt came in and he wanted to keep me fresh for the offense because he felt that I was a key aspect to the offense so he wanted to keep me healthy and fresh.”

Q: You played some wide receiver early in your career and now the Chiefs are planning on having you play at wide receiver. How do you think you’ll translate to a wide receiver in the NFL?

McCLUSTER: “Oh I think it’ll be easy. I have a running back background coming out of high school. I came into Ole Miss and played some slot receiver outside some and it kind of helped me out in my game, it made me more versatile. I don’t think the transition is going to be that hard, just the will to want to do it and the will to get better.”

Q: What do you think you do best?

McCLUSTER: “What do I think I do best? You know it’s hard to say because when I’m at receiver I don’t miss a beat. When I’m at running back I don’t miss a beat – I’m still the same guy wherever it is so I would just say wherever Coach Haley puts me.”

Q: Do you like returning kicks?

McCLUSTER: “I really do. I love it. Every time a team would talk to me I would tell them I love it. Kansas City had me work out and catch some punts for them and I think I did a great job and I’ll be ok.”

Q: How would you consider your route-running ability at this time?

McCLUSTER: “A route runner, I think I’m a great route runner. There’s always room for improvement and that’s why we have coaches. Coach Haley is very demanding with his players. I know with him and the coaches around me and my will to want to get better and my will to want to make sure that I run that crisp route, it’s going to go up from there.”

Q: Do you remember Dante Hall? Because a lot of people will compare you to him.

McCLUSTER: “Yes, I do remember Dante Hall. I watched a lot of cutups on him and he did some amazing things. I try to mimic myself to guys that have had a lot of success in the league and I just want to go out there and learn from everybody. I have heard a lot about him and hopefully I will be talked about like he was.”

Q: Did you talk to the Chiefs before being drafted?

McCLUSTER: “I have before. They came down and put me through a private workout and I wanted to make sure that I made a lasting impression on them with my character and my on-the-field ability. I think that pretty much sealed the deal and I hope that they don’t regret anything.”

Q: Did they talk to you a lot about your character?

McCLUSTER: “Character was big, it was a big issue. Character is not an issue with me. I am clean off the field and I am the type of guy you want in the locker room. I am the type of guy that is going to follow the rules and do the right thing.”

Q: Did you expect to go this high?

McCLUSTER: “I did. I always expected to go high. I was a little nervous, had a lot of family around. That put a little extra pressure on me but when I got that phone call, it was a blessing and I was just happy to be in that red again.”

Q: You mentioned Dante Hall, is there anyone else you would model your game after?

McCLUSTER: “You know what, I watched a lot of Barry Sanders growing up, a lot of Warrick Dunn growing up. Right now, I have watched a lot of Chris Johnson, I tried to pad up my skills around some of those guys but at the end of the day, I want to make a name for myself, I want to be known as Dexter McCluster.”

Q: How was playing against Chiefs first-round pick Eric Berry?

McCLUSTER: “This was the first year we played against him. I had quite a game, four touchdowns and 282 yards. He is a great player and it is all about how you perform when the lights are on.”

Q: What do you think about having Berry as a teammate now?

McCLUSTER: “I know he is a classy guy and he works hard. With him working hard and me working hard and the whole team working hard, good things are to come.”

Q: What about the possibility of running some Wildcat for the Chiefs?

McCLUSTER: “Sounds good. I am like a deer in the headlights every time I hear Wildcat Formation. I think I will fit in that. If we are presented with the right opportunity, I promise 99.9 percent of the time I won’t let you down.”

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