Quinn Gets Nod

Posted Oct 11, 2012

Brady Quinn will take the field as a starter for the first time since 2009

On Thursday the official announcement was made that quarterback Brady Quinn will get the start this Sunday in Tampa Bay as Matt Cassel recovers from an injury he sustained late in the game last week against the Baltimore Ravens.

In opening statements to the media, head coach Romeo Crennel clearly noted the focus was on preparing for Tampa Bay and having the next man up come in and lead the Chiefs.

“We’re trying to put the focus on preparing for Tampa Bay and we got started on that yesterday. A couple things we’ll clean up from yesterday’s work and then we’re going to move on to third down today. That becomes the main focus, working to try to be competitive and trying to give ourselves the best chance to win.”

Getting his first regular season start as a Chief, Quinn will be facing a faster, smaller defense than Kansas City has faced in recent games. Tampa Bay, under the new leadership of head coach Greg Schiano, has played with purpose and has played with attitude; however, the Bucs are in the same category as the Chiefs. They have only one win and are hungry to climb back into a division that is dominated by the Atlanta Falcons with a flawless 5-0 record. Being at home and facing a backup quarterback, the Bucs will surely look to rattle Quinn but he’s been practicing against a defense that locked down the Ravens last week, and that may bode well for the Chiefs.

“He gets to work against the defense and he gets to throw against [Brandon] Flowers, against [Eric] Berry and those guys,” Crennel said. “And even though you’re not running ‘your offense,’ you still have to deliver the ball so it has a chance to be completed. You still have to hand it off and by osmosis he gains some experience by doing that.”

When asked about the difference between Cassel and Quinn, Crennel noted that physically they are comparable, but Cassel’s similarity with his teammates and playtime make the biggest difference.

“They have similar skill sets. They both can throw the ball. They’re both tall quarterbacks. They’re both experienced. I think the thing that Matt has is more game time. That’s the biggest difference, actual game time in the game. Quinn has been in the league, and he’s been on different teams and he’s seen different operations and how things are done. I think that he’s excited about this opportunity. I think he’ll be good and make the best of it.”

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