Red Coater Applications Open

Posted Feb 28, 2013

The Chiefs Red Coaters have been an essential part of the organization since the team moved to Kansas City in 1963.

“Hunt needed to see a commitment that Kansas City would support a professional football team,” Brian Gregory said, a Red Coater since 2006. “So Mayor Bartle rounded up a lot of community and civic leaders around town which is where the Red Coaters sprung from. We went out and got commitments from people to buy season tickets if the team moved here, without being able to even tell them who the team was.”
Red Coaters have been the ‘face of the Chiefs’ while serving as volunteers, assisting the Chiefs in the community, help with the fan experience, and serve as ambassadors for the Chiefs.

“The Red Coaters are a ‘face for the Chiefs’ in the community throughout the year, volunteering in many different community activities,” Patti DiPardo-Livergood, Chiefs Special Projects Coordinator noted. “In addition, Red Coaters have a very special opportunity to express their fandom on game day as they proudly welcome the Chiefs to the field at Arrowhead Stadium, a tradition that remains intact since 1963.”

Now, it’s your chance to be a Red Coater and represent the Chiefs in the community and on the field. Applications are being accepted to become a 2013 Red Coat Apprentice.

Being a Kansas City Chiefs Red Coater, not only enhances the experience and passion of a true Chiefs fan but it also provides a great opportunity to give back to the Kansas City area.

“A Red Coater is an individual who has a great passion for the Chiefs and a tremendous desire to give back to our wonderful community,” DiPardo-Livergood explained. “A Red Coater is a very giving, unselfish individual.”

Red Coaters participate at charitable fundraisers, community events, Training Camp, golf tournaments, NFL sponsored school programs, stadium events and are on the field during pre-game at Arrowhead Stadium. These are just a few of the many great works where Red Coaters are involved.

To be a Red Coater is a commitment. For additional information about the Red Coaters or how to become a Red Coater click here.

Interviews for new members will be schedule in March 2013. A preset number of candidates will be selected to participate in the Red Coat Apprentice Program.  Upon complying with the 2013 Code of Conduct and fulfilling the complete list of requirements of the Apprentice Program for one Chiefs season, individuals can earn their Red Coat.

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