Romeo Crennel Postgame Comments

Posted Dec 2, 2012

Opening Remarks: “I want to start with yesterday's tragedy and remind everybody that it involved two families. Our prayers go out to the family of Kasandra Perkins. They are grieving and we send our condolences to that family. Our prayers and condolences go out to the family of Jovan Belcher; they are also grieving. Our prayers and hopes go out to three-month old, Zoey, a little girl who will never get to know her mother and father. So, we're grieving for all involved. It's tough when circumstances happen that you can't undo, so you have to rely on each other, rely on your family, your friends and your faith. That's what, as a team, we tried to do today, try to work our way through the tragedy, knowing that it's not over today, it will still go on the next day and the next day. But life is going to go on as well, so we have to work through it. That's what we're going to try to do.

“As far as playing the game, I felt that was the best thing for us to do because that's what we do – we are football players, we are football coaches and we play and coach on Sunday. That's why I wanted to play the game. After talking with the captains, they also felt like it was best that we played, if for no other reason, it takes our mind off our misery for a few hours. That's what it did. It helped us do that. After talking with them, we finalized the fact that we were going to play the game. They pulled together and were able to get the energy together to go out there and play a football game. A lot of respect goes to the players as well.

“I think that, respectfully, to you guys and ladies, I'm choosing not to answer any questions about what I saw yesterday. I think you will understand that and, hopefully, you will respect my wishes on that because it wasn't a pretty sight, so I'm choosing not to talk about it.

“As far as today went, it was a total team victory today. I'm proud of the guys in that locker room, proud of the coaches, proud of the organization for having to deal with what we had to deal with and be able to pull through it and show some character. As an organization, as a team, as players, as coaches, I thought that was all very positive for us. We are fortunate that the outcome was a victory and we appreciate that. Even if the outcome had turned out the other way, just being able to go out and play the game that we know and that we love and take our minds off of our problems for a little bit, I thought was helpful. A good team victory. All the players made a contribution, everybody helped, but we got banged up. Guys were going down and others were stepping up and holding up their end, so I'm very proud for the way they played, the way they conducted themselves and the character they showed through the last two days. I know on the injury front, D.J. [Derrick Johnson] has a hamstring, [Abram] Elam has a quad, Flow [Brandon Flowers] has a hamstring. The guys stepped up. Young [Tysyn] Hartman, he stepped up; T.D. [Travis Daniels] stepped up; Cory [Greenwood], who doesn't get to play at all other than on special teams, he goes in when D.J. goes out. Brandon Siler, I can't say enough about Brandon because I don't think he's played very many plays on defense this year. He's been all special teams, but he goes in and plays Jovan's spot and represents himself and the team very well. The other thing that I thought was good for us was that we didn't have any turnovers, we didn't have any fumbles, I think we only had one penalty, and maybe one sack. The focus that it took for us to be able to get that done, it was good. The results of the game were good and after we leave here, we'll still work through the tragedy that we had to endure yesterday, so we'll just have to go forward.”

Did you see signs last night or even this morning that your guys were going to put forth this kind of effort today? “I tell you guys all the time that I have a good group of guys. They have good attitudes during the week, good energy during the week. We don't always play as good as we need to play, but they've always gone out and tried hard. I think that the fact that they had to lean on each other a little bit more today was helpful for them. Football can go any way at any time, and the game wasn't an easy game by any stretch. It was a close game all the way through, so I think that showed some fortitude on their part. I expect those guys to try hard.”

Specifically in regard to the extraordinary circumstances? “The thing that I worried about was that they would not be mentally prepared. I knew that they were prepared from a football standpoint because we put in the game plan all during the week, we practiced, so I knew they were ready there. I didn't know what our mental state would be. That's one thing you can't predict, so you just have to go out and play. Those guys pulled together and were able to pull it off.”

On the crowd involvement, especially on influencing him to go for it on fourth down: “It didn't influence me to go for it. I appreciated the involvement of the crowd, and I think our players knew that the crowd was supporting them and was behind them and wanted them to do well.”

Were you concerned about your own focus today? “No, I really wasn't. I'm not trying to blow my own horn or anything, but I am pretty even keeled. So, I felt that I would be able to handle it. I knew I had to be strong for the players in that locker room, and they needed to see a strong individual lead them.”

Was there anything, looking back on Jovan Belcher's time here that gave you a hint that something might be going on? “No. Jovan was a good teammate, a hard worker, sat in the front of the room all the time, so you don't expect anything like what happened.”

Was this the best game the Chiefs have played this year? “I think when you look in total, all the things that we were able to accomplish, offensively, defensively, and special teams-wise, you might say that this was maybe the best result.”

Were there players that didn't favor playing the game today? “No, everybody was on board.”

How will this change you, taking into account what happened and knowing these guys like you do? Will you look at them any differently? “The experience will probably change me, but I'm not changing. I'm the same guy every day; that's been one of my qualities, being the same guy every day. The thing that we have to understand, when any person has an issue or has problems, if they're not totally honest with you about their issues or their problems, you cannot give them the correct help. I think people have to be honest about what problems they have and how they perceive them and know people perceive things differently.”

When did you sense the guys were mentally prepared for today's game? “I don't think that you ever know that they can block it all out, but in the locker room, there was some energy before the game.”

What did you have to do to prepare yourself to talk to the team before the game? “I did the same thing that I always do. I'm thoughtful about what is important, what I think they need to hear, what they need to know, and then I tell them that. The thing that helped me the most was talking to them yesterday morning and telling them about the circumstance. We were all able to lean on each other a little bit and let a little bit out. By letting a little bit out, that helped us all get through what we had to get through.”

Did other people speak in that meeting as well? “We had our team chaplain, he was there, and he said some words. I spoke to them and told them what the circumstances were and told them to go home and try to be with their families and their loved ones and use their faith.”

What was it like in the locker room after the game today? “There was elation. I think that they were appreciative of the fact that they were able to get through the game and deal with the circumstance and that they could focus on football and take their minds off the tragedy itself. I think that's what I sensed in the locker room.”

Did you hear from any of your peers? “I will not say who contacted me, but there were many of my peers and friends in the coaching profession and friends in general who texted or called and sent their condolences, prayers and encouragement to hang in there and try to do the best we can.”

How comforting was it to hear from others? “It's always comforting when people care about you and you know they care about you. Some people you haven't spoken to in a while, they call you, they text you and say, 'Hang in there, our prayers are with you,' so that's always comforting.”

On getting a sense of the range of emotions among his players: “Highs and lows. That's part of life. Life is not even-keeled. You have potholes and you have curves and you have to deal with them, you have to work your way through them. Whether it's on a weekly basis or a monthly basis, you have to deal with it.”

What message are you sending home and what are the plans for helping the players heal? “I think what I've said is the basic plan for us – to rely on each other, to rely on our family and friends, and to rely on our faith because that's what will get us through. We know there are going to be funerals we're going to have to deal with and those kinds of things, so it's not over yet. It might not be over for a long time for some of the guys.”

On the defense holding it together today, especially the non-starters: “They are there every day at practice. They're not getting the reps, but they're in meeting rooms and they're being taught the techniques and they're being told the game plan. When they get into the game, they have to step up and they were able to step up. We feel very good about them being able to do that because we did lose some good guys. To their credit, they stepped in and represented us well.”

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