Romeo Crennel Postgame Comments

Posted Dec 24, 2011

On the game: “First I would like to say thanks to all of our fans that came out and wish them happy holidays, even though right now it’s hard to think that the holidays are happy because of the way it turned out. Our guys fought and they hung in there, went into overtime and it took some guts to do that. We didn’t play well enough today in all phases. We made mistakes that cost us. We had an opportunity to put points on the board at the half and we weren’t where we needed to be. We had a couple of field goals blocked, we got a couple balls thrown over our head, we turned the ball over a couple of times. In the NFL it’s hard to win when you do those kinds of things and that’s basically what I told them inside. We still have another game to go, a division game, and we have to take all the energy we’ve got and win that game. That’s going to be important. I just found out the outcome of the Buffalo game. It’s just unfortunate that we weren’t able to win this one but we didn’t do enough to win. That’s all I need to say about that. We’re going to work, we’re going to try to go forward and we’re going to try to do the best we can. That’s what I tell them every week and that’s what we try to do every week. Today wasn’t good enough.”

On the intentional grounding call at the end of the first half? “They said there wasn’t a receiver in the area. A lot of times if a ball doesn’t get wide enough or close enough to a receiver, that’s what happens.”

What was the common thread allowing DT Richard Seymour to get his hands on two blocked kicks? “They use a double push technique and they were coming over our left side and our guys were trying to stay low so they wouldn’t get pushed. But by being low they were able to get a little push over the top. Seymour is a long, tall guy and he used his length to get his hands up and block the kicks.”

What happened on the long touchdown pass where S Reshard Langford was covering WR Denarius Moore? “We were in a coverage and we got run by.”

On the good and not so good of Kyle Orton: “I think you saw the same thing in the team. You saw some good in the team and then you saw some not so good in the team. I know we all want them to be perfect and help us win, but we weren’t perfect today…all phases: offense, defense, special teams.

He showed an ability to come back. I told this team that they have some substance and they proved today that they have some substance. They were able to make plays to put the game into overtime. But we also screwed up some plays. To be able to come back from adversity when you’re down a little bit, that shows something.”

On what he will use as motivation for his team this week: “It’s a division opponent and we want to go on the road and beat a division opponent. That’s what we’re going to use…pride in your performance and the group you represent…and that’s what it is. All these guys have pride and they have egos and they want to win.”

On not knowing about the Bills-Broncos game until after this game was over: “It doesn’t make any difference what goes on in Buffalo and I told them that last night. The thing that makes a difference is what we do, not what Buffalo does. We can’t control what Buffalo does. We can’t control what Denver was doing. The only thing that we can control is what we do and that was the message. I wouldn’t have called the game any different with knowing it.”

Does this loss hurt even more knowing Denver lost? “No, not really. It hurts that we didn’t play well enough to win. That’s what hurts because if we had played well enough to win, I would have felt good about my team not making mistakes, not giving up plays. Because I can’t control what happened there I would have felt good about our team. But I don’t feel as good because we didn’t make the plays we needed to make and we had the opportunity to make some.”

On Red Zone issues: “We got the one touchdown and we probably should have had another touchdown but that’s part of not taking advantage of the opportunities when you have them. That happened a couple of times today.”

On all of the penalties, specifically those called against the Chiefs: “I never want to see penalties. The ones that eat at you are the procedure penalties: when you jump offsides, you don’t want to see that; offensively, when you move early, those penalties are fundamental in my mind and they shouldn’t occur. We weren’t very good at some of that today.”

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