Stopping the Bengals Starts with Stopping Dalton

Posted Nov 17, 2012

Did you see what QB Andy Dalton and the Bengals did to the defending Super Bowl champs on Sunday (31-13 victory)? Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel watched enough to know what concerns him most about this week’s opponent.

“They have a lot of momentum from the last game because they did beat a good football team at their place. He (Dalton) gets the ball out of his hands, he’s an athletic quarterback and he’s got weapons that he can go to,” Crennel added during his Friday press conference. “This guy named (A.J.) Green, he’s pretty good and he makes unbelievable catches. He just makes it look easy.”

The leader of the Bengals offense continues to be Dalton, who has connected with star WR A.J. Green for eight scores in 2012, highlighting Cincinnati’s quick-strike attack.

“I think they’re able to score quickly, between those two guys (Dalton and Green). They work together well,” admitted ROLB Tamba Hali. ”We were watching the game against the Giants, and I think within six plays he’s (Green) gotten the ball like four times out of the six plays. They put the ball on top of his head and he scores.”

The Bengals have the fifth-best passing game in the AFC (252.9 yards/game), led by Dalton, who has thrown for 2,329 yards and 18 TDs this season.

“He gets the ball out real fast,” Chiefs RILB Derrick Johnson said. “So, you kind of have to play a bend but don’t break defense against him, because it’s a West Coast offense and he’s going to complete some balls. We gotta mix up the zones (and) mix up the man calls. We’re going to have to play really good against Dalton. He’s a young guy but plays kind of like an old veteran.”

Veterans and young quarterbacks alike have experienced the noise and power of the Kingdom, which Johnson and the Chiefs want to see happen come Sunday at Arrowhead.

“We’re playing them here, so we gotta start making this home a home field advantage for us and hope we get the crowd into it and kind of get him (Dalton) rattled a little bit.”

A little Kingdom shake could be enough to rattle Dalton, allowing the Chiefs to possibly roll the Bengals, securing their first home win of the season. That would be a great way to celebrate a Sunday during the season, as well as the return of Military Appreciation Day to Arrowhead.

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