Posted May 1, 2010

"The game is just faster. You have to think on your feet quicker..."

Q: Yesterday, Coach Haley said everyone’s head was spinning. Do you feel like your head is spinning from all the stuff they’re throwing at you?

TONY MOEAKI: “Yeah, you know we just got in on Thursday and got our playbooks and we’re trying to just learn as fast as possible. We’re already done with two practices. It’s been a lot thrown at us.”

Q: A lot to take in?

MOEAKI: “Yeah, last week was draft week and you don’t know where you’re going and then boom, I’m here in Kansas City and doing our mini-camp, so yeah, it goes pretty fast and they expect you to learn quickly.”

Q: What’s the biggest difference between football at this level so far and what you experienced at Iowa?

MOEAKI: “Speed. The game is just faster. You have to think on your feet quicker. Different defenses. Everyone is really good. That would be the big difference.”

Q: Are you kind of pinching yourself being in the NFL or did you always envision yourself in this position?

MOEAKI: “It’s definitely a dream come true. Especially to be here in Kansas City and be a Kansas City Chief, it’s definitely exciting and I’m looking forward to it.”

Q: Have you talked to (Iowa Coach) Kirk Ferentz since you were drafted?

MOEAKI: “Yeah, he just said congratulations and good luck.”

Q: What’s your first impression of working with offensive coordinator Charlie Weis?

MOEAKI: “He’s a great coach. Coach Haley has a great staff here and I’m excited to work with the staff. They’ve been on a lot of winning football teams.”

Q: Where do you see your role in the system?

MOEAKI: “I just got here to mini-camp and I’m just trying to make the team and learn the playbook, so I’m just trying to do that.”

Q: Where did you work out for the combine?

MOEAKI: “Back at school with my ex-strength coach.”

Q: How do you react when the Head Coach basically tells you guys as a group that you’re not even close to being in shape?

MOEAKI: “We could’ve figured that out on our own. Last week was draft week and you’re with your families and stuff. You try to get some workouts in, but it’s just not the same work. We’re behind in workouts compared to the veterans, so we need to get in better shape.”

Q: As a tight end growing up, were you a fan of TE Tony Gonzalez and follow his career?

MOEAKI: “Yeah, I was a fan. He’s a great player.”

Q: Did you ever watch the Chiefs on TV and was there anything in particular or interesting in watching how he did things?

MOEAKI: “I did, yeah. Yeah, I always paid attention a little bit to what he did.”

Q: Did you ever try to pattern yourself after him or try to learn something from watching him?

MOEAKI: “He was just so good, I was in awe. I was a little kid I guess.”

Q: How does it feel that you’re going to get an opportunity to assume his position?

MOEAKI: “I’m just trying to make the team. He has a billion catches, I have zero. I’m just trying to make the team and help the team in any way possible.”

Q: This team doesn’t have an established tight end right now. Is it exciting to you that you’re going to have at least a shot in camp to earn some playing time?

MOEAKI: “I’m still on day two and still trying to learn the plays. I’m just a rookie out here trying to find myself.”

Q: Your injury situation may have dropped you down the draft board a little bit. Do you feel that’s behind you and you’re good to go?

MOEAKI: “That stuff is in the past and it feels like it’s been so long ago. That stuff is in the past.”

Q: How much different is the Chiefs and an NFL playbook as opposed to what you guys had at Iowa?

MOEAKI: “It’s a lot different – totally different. There’s just different terminology. So trying to pick it up as fast as possible is what I’m trying to do.”

Q: Have you heard the comparisons between you and former Iowa TE Dallas Clark, who now plays for the Colts?

MOEAKI: “Absolutely not. He’s in the NFL and has like a billion catches and I have zero. So the only thing we have in common is we both played at Iowa.”

Q: How gratifying was the Orange Bowl and the performance that you had against Georgia Tech?

MOEAKI: “It was fun, just being out there with my team. We were out there; we got there 10 days before the bowl game and just practicing and working hard. Winning the game was special.”

Q: Did you think you were going to score on that little screen?

MOEAKI: “It was a naked right. I should have scored. ”

Q: You got caught from behind?

MOEAKI: “I thought he was blocked.”

Q: Have you gotten to know this draft class at all and off-the-field, have you gotten to know what kind of guys you were drafted with and what kind of group this is?

MOEAKI: “It’s a good group of guys. I’ve just met them a couple days ago but everybody seems like we’re real in tune coming in and trying to learn the playbook and try to learn the team.”

Q: Any jokesters or any personalities emerging that you can tell right away?

MOEAKI: “It’s too early to tell.”

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