The Job that Never Stops

Posted Sep 6, 2012

The life of a scout entails many things; traveling across the country, moving from motel to motel, working all hours of the day and night.   As these diligent members of the Chiefs speak with a myriad of different people along the way, they determine which players should represent Kansas City.

A scout’s job never stops and it isn’t just limited to football season… it’s a year round endeavor. Without a Chiefs regular season game even in the books as of yet, the Chiefs scouting department is already out doing their research and looking towards next year.

Simply put, the Chiefs have a determined group of scouts. They find the athletes in their years before the lime light, before the record breaking stats and before the Hall of Fame. They put in the hours all year long and are sure to be very thorough.

Working behind the scenes, they understand the importance of getting the full scope of a player on and off the field. It is not solely about athletic ability, but also about the athlete’s reputation, work ethic, and character. Chiefs scouts dig deep to be sure that any athlete entering Arrowhead Stadium is worthy of wearing the Red and Gold.

I recently found a terrific example of how in-depth Chiefs scouts go. This is a story from detailing a scout’s pursuit of Nebraska safety Daimion Stafford. The scout went as far as calling Stafford’s high school guidance counselor in Southern California for information. Give it a look. It’s worth the read.

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