Todd Haley Postgame Comments

Posted Nov 6, 2011

On the game: “The end of this quarter of the season was obviously a disappointment to our team. To finish the way the quarter ended with three wins, once loss was not the kind of performance we expected or wanted. I want to take my hat off to Miami, their team, their coaches, they outplayed us, they outcoached us, in all facets. Tony [Sparano] and his crew did a terrific job and we felt that going into the game they were a very dangerous team playing a lot better than their record. It’s hard to win in the NFL; they just did a better job than us. That being said, I think that this has been a good little stretch for our team up until today. We’re just trying to get through this quarter, had a chance to get to four [wins] and didn’t do it. We got three wins though, that was first and foremost our goal. Myself as the head coach, coming off a late Monday night game, really tried to work hard to make sure we were handling the week correctly, physically and mentally. I think today...I’m not making excuses for the guys, but we probably did try to do too much during the week, which they just weren’t physically capable of handling it. I don’t want to take anything away from Miami and how they were prepared and played the game throughout. They just did a better job than us across the board. They deserve credit for that.”

If you had it to do over again, what would you do differently? “We put a lot of thought into that....It was clear to me as the game went on that we had a bunch of guys that didn’t have much in the tank, it didn’t appear. So we have to do everything now. The quarter is over; we’re starting the second half of the season. We have to do everything we can as a staff to make sure that we get these guys re-charged now. It’s a new four-game set in which we don’t have a lot of margin of error. That’s where we are.”

On preparing to play an 0-7 team: “I really believe our guys understood how good this team was. That’s not blowing hot air. They have a talented team that’s playing hard, playing physical, and have a number of guys that can hurt you. I take my hat off to the quarterback: Moore, I thought he did a terrific job. We tried to present him with a number of different looks defensively, and the kid handled it very well and made plays for them. He played really well, as far as the game management went.”

Did Miami have your guys’ attention? “I really believe our guys understood that this was a dangerous team. We went through every aspect of this team and where they were, why they were there. There’s a reason you lose games and they were doing a couple of those things that get you beat, just like we’ve gone through stages and had the same thing. But our guys understood fully that we had to play our best game and we didn’t do that. I don’t think our guys’ preparation or understanding of how we were trying to play and what we expected from them were an issue here today.”

On facing 20 third downs and what you do to combat that: “Without watching the tape, I believe defensively we allowed too many big plays, especially early. Offensively, we did things to set ourselves back, whether it was a penalty or minus play, a sack. We aren’t a high-powered unit so to speak; we’ve got a chance to be real good but we’re still a work in progress. We can’t afford to be going an extra 10, 15, 20 yards during drives. We just have to be more efficient overall. That’s where we are. This quarter of the season we are putting to rest, no different than we put the first quarter to rest and it’s time to move forward. We will be diligently at work trying to do everything possible to make sure we are better this next Sunday than we were today.”

On the secondary not seeing the same success it had the previous two weeks: “We’re a team that’s a work in progress in a number of different areas, all areas really. There isn’t one area where we can say we’ve arrived or we don’t need to worry about this; we’ve got this set up or taken care of. We as a team, we’ve got to get better every day. When the season starts, thank goodness, you don’t start where you finish. You have to continue to make progress and get better and that’s what we need to make sure is happening. I really believe it’s been happening throughout this season. I said early on in training camp that it was going to be a wild one and it hasn’t disappointed right now. The one thing I do know about our guys is we’ve been through some very difficult times early in the season and it’s never fun to lose; it’s never easy, it’s never what you want. But the one thing I know with this group is that they’ll stick together and they’ll pull back together…I believe we will bounce back from this. I as a head coach have to do a better job making sure the physical aspect of it [is taken care of]. I feel like I’ve learned a lot this week coming off an emotional long, physical game, really a stretch of them in a row where we’re fighting our backsides off to get out of debt, so to speak. I’m still happy with where we are at the halfway point. I’d like to be better, but for all things considered, to battle back how we have, and be in a position where all these games mean more than the next….”

On his first impression of the way the Chiefs offensive line blocked today: “One thing we said coming into this game is that this group could pressure the quarterback. They’ve got a bunch of guys that can bring it and they’re not afraid to bring additional players. [Defensive Coordinator Mike] Nolan does a terrific job creating disguise. We knew it was going to be a major test. Watching the tape I’m going to be very careful about saying much negative about our guys because what I saw was a group that kept fighting. That’s kind of been their calling card and I think that will be what serves us well and what allows us to accomplish our goals and make our dreams happen. I like the group, none of that’s changed. We just have to be better across the board.”

On the team’s sense of unity being the strongest point of the season: “This is a really good group of guys that sticks together, that has become a team. Today, we were just a team that didn’t play well enough and I’ve talked about the whys of that….Our guys have to re-charge and we have got to get ready for this Sunday because it is now the biggest game of the year for us.”

On where to place responsibility for the loss: “If we ask them to practice, they practice, that’s the bottom line. It’s not like we had a full week as it was. If I asked them to go out and practice for 40 plays and work on special teams even if it’s just for one day….I’m not making excuses…they’re in there; they’re mad and upset with themselves and know they can play better. I know they can. Today we didn’t play good enough. It’s a loss in the fourth game of the second quarter of the season, so right now at the halfway point, we’ve got to start up and get ready to go and get better every day and play better.”

On getting rid of the hat and beard: “That’s the last thing I’m thinking about because nothing that I do, other than coach these guys and get them ready to play, has a lot to do with how our team plays, at least in the dress and grooming areas. We just have to get back to work and be ready to go because we need to be ready to go.”

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