Todd Haley Postgame Comments

Posted Jan 2, 2011


Opening Remarks: “Disappointing end to this quarter of the season. We finished 2-2, did not achieve our goal of going out and finishing 3-1. The quarter started poorly and ended poorly for us. I thought the Raiders came in here and handled us in most areas. I have to give them credit for being ready to go, running the football, doing those things...over 200 yards rushing. If you give up that kind of yardage rushing, you’re generally going to lose the game. You take five sacks, you’re generally going to lose the game; you turn the ball over, you’re generally going to lose the game in this league. We just did too many things overall that will get you beat, that’s how the game went. Different times in that game I felt like we battled back to try to get into the game, but we just could never get playing together and make good things happen – a disappointing performance across the board.


“Some positives for our team now, or what our team’s going to have to do, is draw on some situations we’ve been in this year and show the ability to bounce back and we’re going to have to do it quickly. What will be real critical for our team is that he season did not end the way we wanted it to end but there’s a lot of positives with the way the regular season went. We put ourselves in the position to play more games and that’s the name of the game right now; that is all that matters. The ability to put this game behind us, which I believe our guys will do as they’ve done throughout the year, multiple times. They’ve put tough losses, bad losses, however you want to categorize them, this obviously being a bad loss. We have to do that because this game will mean nothing to us here in a few hours because we’re going to be getting ready for an opponent that we don’t know who that is right now and we’ve got to be ready to go. We’ve got to take advantage of the opportunity we have to play more games, especially having one here at Arrowhead. That’s what’s going to be critical for us and I believe our guys will do it, put this game behind us, move one now, not tomorrow, not in five hours, not in six hours. We’ve got to do that now and that’s what we talked about in there and I think that’s what these guys will do. That goes for the entire group, coaches and players alike. If we allow a poor performance to drag our season down that would be the first time that we’ve done it and we don’t want that to happen. So, that’s where we are. I take my hat off to Oakland. They came in here and beat us pretty thoroughly. They deserve credit for that and we’re moving on.”

How disappointed are you that, this week, all this Charlie Weis stuff became public? “Since that was brought up, I will address it now and I would ask with all due respect…I understand everybody’s got a lot of questions about those things, but I’m going to address this and I would let you know that I’m not going to talk about it anymore. The players are not going to talk about it, our focus has to be on what’s coming up here, whether it’s Saturday or Sunday. Charlie Weis is moving on. He’s going to go to the University of Florida as the coordinator. There obviously was a lot of speculation on that…Charlie and I and the Chiefs had a bunch of real productive conversations this weekend, really productive. This is a bittersweet deal for me as the head coach because Charlie was obviously somebody I was real excited about having in here. That being said, Charlie is a family guy and he’s got a family situation where he can go to Florida and be with his son who’s going to get into coaching. Without talking personally about Charlie, this is a great situation for Charlie and I respect it 100 percent, we respect it 100 percent. I was really excited to get Charlie here; he’s been a big part of what we’ve done this year and he’s going to continue to be a big part of what we do this year. Charlie is a professional. He’s been in a similar situation, back a few years ago, where there were some potential distractions that could have been distractions that, being a professional, he did his job to the fullest and helped his team win a Super Bowl. So, I have the upmost confidence that that’s what we’ll go on. I know there’s a lot that you want to ask but understand our players are focused on one thing – they’ve put this game behind them already and are focused on moving forward to give us a chance to take advantage of the regular season we’ve had. That’s what the regular season’s all about, to get yourself into the tournament and give yourself an opportunity to play an extra game or two, or three or four. That’s the bottom line. We’re going to get at least one of those at home and we’re excited about that. That’s what we’re focused on.”

So Weis will coach through the playoffs? “Absolutely.”

Did the fact that that situation went public affect his preparation last week? “Absolutely not. I would not put anything to do with this performance on Charlie or anything that was going on. Each and every week brings a number of things up that our team has to be focused. Our coaching staff is the best in the league, in my opinion, and the best at getting ready, no matter what’s going on. We just did not come out here and play the way you have to play to have a chance. That was a good team; we knew that was a good team we were playing. They could run, they could hurt you down the field, they played disruptive defense and we just did not get the job done. That falls on everybody’s shoulders: coaches and players.”

Do you feel like this team, with that distraction potentially and the playoffs a week away, was fully focused today? “That’s impossible for me to answer. We did not play well enough to win. The Oakland Raiders clearly played better than us. The team that plays the best generally wins on Sundays and that came to fruition today. In this game early we had chances to get out to a good start, one way or another, and we weren’t able to do it. There were opportunities though, opportunities to get this thing going, similar to two weeks ago. We just did not execute. Then we did things from that point on that will get you beat – taking sacks, not protecting the quarterback, turning the ball over, not stopping the run. That will get you beat every week.”

You guys may be better than anyone in the league at keeping stuff in house, don’t let stuff get out. Without begrudging him leaving, are you frustrated with how you found out about your offensive coordinator leaving? “There’s things that you can control and things that you can’t. There’s a second party involved; that stuff happens, but I don’t think it’s about that. It’s about a decision made for the best, Charlie feels, for his family. That’s who you have to make sure you’re doing the right thing by. That’s what it’s about. It’s about a guy getting an opportunity to [be with his son]. I was able to work a bunch of years with my father and it’s time I cherish, so I understand it. It’s a guy that got an opportunity to spend time with his family in a world that you don’t know how much time you have; anyone of us could go tomorrow. So you’ve got to do what’s right by your family, your blood.”

Have you thought about bringing his son on? “His son’s going to college. He’s a senior in high school that’s going to college, so I don’t think that we could quite give him the education that a university could.”

Did you get any sense that Charlie was frustrated with his role here? “No. This is about a situation that can really make things a lot better for him – I won’t go into the specifics of it. Like I said, this is bittersweet because I was excited to get Charlie here, we were excited to get Charlie here, and he’s been a big part of what we’ve done. That’s part of being a successful team is being able to, as I’ve said, you’ve got to develop players, you’ve got to develop coaches, and be ready for anything because anything can happen. The one’s that can handle it and keep going forward are the ones that will be good teams.”

When did you find out he was leaving? “Like I said, this weekend I had a bunch of really good conversations and I’m understanding of all those things because I think it’s important.”

What disappointed you today? “It’s pretty obvious when you give up the amount of run yards that we did, when you score only 10 points. We had opportunities to move the ball, get into scoring position. We took ourselves out of scoring position by having sacks at the worst times. I’m not saying that we didn’t do anything good, there were some things that we were okay in but we got outplayed by the Oakland Raiders. We had a goal today of trying to get to 3-1 in this quarter, which would have been the third time, but as it is we are 2-2. Had we won today and it been a totally different game, it was not going to have a bearing on this week. This week is what it’s all about. I came here to try to get this team into big games to play for bigger games. We got a chance because of the regular season that we played and now that the regular season is over, I can talk about it. We’ve stayed in the present tense; we’ve bounced back from tough losses, like I said. The Houston loss, a heartbreaker; the first Oakland game, a heartbreaker. Then we had some games, like at Denver and San Diego where we just got our butts handed to us and were bad losses. There’s two different deals there – tough losses and bad losses. This regular season has defined our team. Now this post-season will determine what we are. We’ve got a chance to be a great team this year. This game would have no bearing on next week as I’ve said all year because somebody thinks you’re going to win or you’re supposed to win. That doesn’t affect it. Who plays the best on Sunday is who wins the game. So next week, all we’re focused on is trying to be the team that plays the best and we don’t know who we’re playing right now.”

How closely will you pay attention to that? “I’ll pay very close attention to it because we could potentially be on a short week, we could be on a regular week; we’ve got a bunch of different scenarios that we’ve got to be set for. This is not something we are just thinking about now. We’ve got all those potential opponents broken down already. Then, obviously, we’d be breaking down today’s game of whoever we play. We’ll have guys waiting to do that so we can move forward. As soon as we can get those games here, we’ll have it broken down and we’ll be going because if we’re playing Saturday, we’ll need every minute.”

Do you have a preference for who you’ll play? “I’m just happy we’re playing and now the key is that we get ourselves ready to play our best game, in our biggest game of the year.”

The first time we talked to Charlie Weis at the beginning of the year, the first thing he said was, “My job’s to fix the quarterback.” A lot of people consider the quarterback fixed but you get a lot of spotlight, he gets a lot of spotlight. Can you talk about how that happened? “I think anytime you have a team make progress that we’ve made it’s a group effort, a group effort across the board. It takes everybody involved. There are a lot of people doing a lot of dirty work, working late hours. There will be guys breaking this film down while everybody else is sleeping so that everybody’s ready to go. I was one of those guys at one time, but it’s a group effort. We’re not there, yet, clearly not there yet. We’ve made a lot of progress, our quarterback’s made a lot of progress. The good thing is we have a lot of room for improvement and we’ve had that all along. The key is that we continue to coach all these guys to be the best they can be, that we keep getting closer to our potential. We’ve shown some glimmers of it and at other times we haven’t. We’ve got work to do.”

Right now Jamaal Charles has a little bit of a lead in the NFL rushing race. How much of an emphasis did you guys put on that today? “It wasn’t a priority. Trying to win the game was a priority and we didn’t come close to that. Everybody’s down because their number one goal was, even though there are individual, personal goals involved in this, our team goal was to try to get a win, to get to 3-1, and we didn’t do that. The key now is we absolutely put this game behind us. It’s not going to affect what we do going forward and we can’t let it affect what we do going forward.”

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