Todd Haley Postgame Comments

Posted Nov 21, 2010


Opening Statement: “This was a really good team win for the Kansas City Chiefs. We had a couple tough games there back to back and we were definitely looking forward to getting back to Arrowhead, get our fans back behind us, which they’ve done such terrific job of and did so again today. We just keep getting better and better. We were really looking forward to getting back here to get back on track, to get back to basics like we said all week; that means back to playing football the way we had been playing it, really for the majority of the season. I felt like we were able to do that for the most part today, so that’s really important for us. Now we’ve just got to show that if we want to become a good team, we have to go out into the wilderness and win one on the road. This next one coming up (Seattle) – I’ve got a lot of experience going out to this place and it’s as tough as anywhere to play in the NFL. We’ll get to that tomorrow and the next day. Right now I’m just really proud of the guys. I think this time of year is when teams are defining themselves because each and every year starts brand new; there’s no carry over from the year before, whether you’re a good team, a bad team, or in between. The process we go through defines what our team’s going to be and we’re right in the middle of that grind or the second half of that grind. Teams that can grind it out and win some games like this make the aches and pains not hurt quite so bad and that’s the secret to becoming a good team. You win some of these and you start feeling better. Guys come back a little quicker because everybody’s beat up, everybody’s hurt, nobody feels good. But when you win, you feel a little better, somehow, some way, that’s just the way it works. We’re just trying to keep moving forward, making progress. If we do that, I will continue to be proud of this group. We went out and we knew we had to be physical against this group and I really felt like we were the most physical team today. For that I’m proud of our guys because I know that was a good team we beat.”


On the play of WR Dwayne Bowe: “Dwayne has continued to make consistent progress. As you all know I’ve said the same thing, whether he’s had big numbers or small numbers, or those in between, this guy has changed. Back last year sometime, I could tell that this guy had a chance but he was going to have to work at it and that’s what he set his mind to doing. Now we are both seeing some of the fruits of that labor. It’s not about his individual numbers or statistics, it’s really not. It’s about our team. There more guys we have like Dwayne that care about this team and the results first – the win-loss result – is more of what it’s about to these guys. I’m proud of Dwayne; I’m proud of all the guys. I know coaching receivers, when you go up against one of the best, if not the best in the league, there’s some pride and ego and competition involved and I was happy to see Dwayne rise up to the competition and play a real good game for us.”

What similarities do you see between Bowe and Arizona WR Larry Fitzgerald? “I’m not going to compare them. I don’t think that’s fair in any way, shape or form, to either one. They are their own individuals and they both are great kids that want to be part of something special and they both mean a lot to me.”

On the decision-making ability of QB Matt Cassel: “I’ve continued to be pretty consistent in my message on Matt; that hasn’t really varied a whole bunch with the results. For the quarterback of my team as the head coach and for our team as the Chiefs, he’s got a clear-cut job description and that’s win games. I think Matt’s arrow is clearly pointing up. I’ve continued to see him make strides each and every day. He’s a tough guy, tough-minded, and he’s a great leader of this team. He’s seen more and more as one of the great leaders of this team – you couldn’t ask for more from a leader of your team. He lays it out there. He works and tries to outwork everybody and he wants to win as much as anybody. I thought he executed the game plan in very difficult conditions. You could see in pre-game that throwing the ball was going to be a bit of a chore. I’m glad that we came up here a couple of days during the week again; we’re getting real familiar and more comfortable playing here at home and all the different variations that come with it as far as weather. It’s been good for our guys and you can just see us being more and more comfortable here, which is a big thing.”

On RB Jamaal Charles’ ability to get a hot hand and change a game plan: “I’ve stayed away from talking a whole bunch about hot hands. We have a game plan that our coaches work really hard on. The great thing about our backs is that they have very good versatility; and they can all run all runs and Jamaal is in that group, obviously. The key thing is, when you have a position of strength where you have one, two, even three deep, one of your stronger positions is letting them all contribute or trying to enable all of them to contribute so you’re not wasting a resource. Though they have very good versatility, they are totally different backs, which is a really unique thing. Jamaal helped us real early in the pass game, then he made some big runs for us. Thomas (Jones) made some big runs for us, one real big one coming out of the gate when we were really trying to set how we were going to do things. I’m just happy with all the guys. I think they got back to work this week and had a mindset of how they wanted the outcome to go and they made it happen. That’s a good sign.”

On the defense, specifically keeping the Cardinals out of the end zone until the last play of the game: “I don’t care about yards. I could care less about yards and statistics. You can’t allow them to score points, especially at the wrong times. One of the great things our offense did, one of the first times since our group has been here, at halftime we knew we were in a position to get the ball back; it was a really critical possession. I thought our offense understood the situation and took it right down the field. It was one of the prettier drives you’ll see out of this ugly group. Defensively though, we bent a little bit, holding them to a field goal was critical there; that’s complimentary football, that’s one aspect of it. With the offense getting the ball and scoring seven, we were 4 there and that’s how the half had to start. Statistics are not anything that these guys are concerned with and that gives us a real chance to be a good team because that really doesn’t matter.”

On being 5-0 at home and playing in Arrowhead Stadium: “I like practicing up here. I like playing here, it’s great. The day I accepted the job, I said I’m really excited about that. I grew up in a great football town and this is a great football town. So to have an opportunity to come here and be the head coach in a town and city like this, you can’t ask for anything more – what a special place. The grounds crew is mad at me because I tear their field up, practicing extra up here, but I want to study where I take the test and our guys are getting more and more comfortable in this setting and that’s good.”

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