Twitter Q & A: Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson

Posted Nov 14, 2013

DJ answers five tweeted questions from members of Chiefs Kingdom

In our first installment of Chiefs Twitter Q & A, which gives fans the opportunity to ask their favorite Chiefs players questions, Pro Bowl LB Derrick Johnson took time to answer the five tweets below, revealing his favorite 2013 victory, pregame rituals and more.

DJ - "For a team aspect, it would probably be the Cowboys, beating the Cowboys in our first home game, we wore all the red; it was a good look for us."

DJ - "It's been a weight off my shoulders. He's a big, strong guy that causes attention to his self in the middle and when you do that, he leaves plays for the guy in the middle, for myself to make some plays."

DJ - "I would probably say brother, most people would probably say dad, but we've been through a lot and as a family and I see these guys more than I see my own family, especially during the season. We have to have that brotherhood, through thick and thin, and it's paid off for us."

DJ - "It's a great, small circle of players that won that award, have won big accolades in college and I've been very fortunate and blessed to have a great college career and to have my name next to Derrick Thomas on any category; it's definitely a privilege."

DJ - "I always pray before the game. I always ask God to protect my body and to help me play like a winner. I chant my high school chant on the sideline, all the time, right before the game; that brings me back to where it all started and to do that before a game, to remember where I came from, allows me to play free, knowing that it's just football."

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