Zach Fulton: "Whatever They Need Me to Do, I'll Do It"

Posted Aug 23, 2017

A closer look at offensive lineman Zach Fulton

Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman Zach Fulton is one of the three offensive lineman drafted in 2014 to play in every game.

And then when it comes to having started at all three interior positions on the O-Line? Yup, he’s the only one.

Add in that he’s been practicing at both left and right tackle the past couple weeks and he’s hit every spot on the line.

Fulton is joined by the Dallas Cowboys’ Zack Martin (Round 1, Pick 16), and the Cincinnati Bengals’ Russell Bodine (Round 4, Pick 111), as the only offensive linemen selected in 2014 to play in every game.

Through his first three seasons, Fulton has played in all 48 regular-season games with 34 starts for the Chiefs, playing a variety of different positions.

“It means a lot, and it means I showed my versatility,” Fulton said. “I feel like I’m always needed at some point and that they use me just whenever they can.”

Transitioning to multiple positions obviously calls for adaptability, and for Fulton there are two things that make it easier.

“I mean really it just boils down to knowing the playbook. Once you do that, everything will just fall into place,” Fulton said. “And I’ve been fortunate to play all these positions ever since I started playing football, so it’s not really that new to me. It makes the transition to those positions a little bit easier since I’ve had experience playing all of them.”

And thanks to offensive line coach Andy Heck, Fulton wasn’t going at it alone.

“He’s [Heck] just helped me ever since I got here. Helped me with the playbook, learning my plays and break down things together so I can better understand them,” Fulton said.

Being able to swing to wherever he is needed, just adds more value to Fulton’s role.

“Position flexibility is huge in this deal. Typically we go to game day with seven guys, so do the math,” assistant head coach Brad Childress said. “Two guys go down, a guy is going to have to come in and play tackle, he’s going to need to play center, he’s got to be able to play guard.

“You’re trying to find 10, but if you can find seven with a couple guys that can swing for you, you’re going to be in good shape.

“He’s always embraced wherever we put him. It’s not hey I’m a center, I’m a guard. He looks to be valuable to us, he stepped in over the last three years and done a nice job for himself and us.”

Over the offseason and through preseason, the offensive line credits their success to continuity time and time again, despite Fulton changing up where he is along the line.

“I’m in there a lot and we practice,” Fulton said. “We also have a pretty good chemistry off the field as well, so I think that carries over to on the field, which helps out a lot.”

“Whatever they need me to do, I’ll do it. Simple as that.”

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