10 Things You Didn't Know About Phillip Gaines

Posted Aug 14, 2015

Getting to know the Chiefs second-year cornerback

1. Who is your favorite musician?

Probably Gucci Mane. Just because me and a couple of my homies used to listen to him when we were growing up in high school.

2. Who is your closest friend on the team?

The defensive backs.

3. Who is the funniest guy
on the team?

Sean Smith. He always has us laughing, so I’ll give it to him.

4. Which NFC team would you most like to play in the Super Bowl?

I can’t even think of it. Any team really.

5. If you could have any other job
what would it be?

Ain’t no telling. Something where I don’t have to get in a suit every day.

6. What is your favorite stadium other than Arrowhead?

I really like Pittsburgh’s stadium (Heinz Field). I know it’s cold, but when it’s warm, it’s nice.

7. What are your favorite movie and
favorite TV show?

Pulp Fiction and Seinfeld.

8. Who is your favorite
non-NFL athlete?

LeBron James.

9. Who is your favorite superhero?

The Hulk.

10. What is your favorite barbecue place in KC?

Jack’s Stack.