Chiefs History

Hall of Fame

Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame

In tribute to those who have made outstanding contributions to the success of the Kansas City Chiefs Football Club, the team has established a Hall of Fame. New inductees are selected by a three-man committee, representing the Chiefs Booster Club, the area media and the Chiefs organization. The award is presented annually at the "101 Banquet." 11 members of the Chiefs Hall of Fame are also enshrinees in the Professional Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

1970   Lamar Hunt, Founder
1971   Mack Lee Hill, Running Back
1972   Jerry Mays, Defensive Tackle
1973   Fred Arbanas, Tight End
1974   Johnny Robinson, Safety
1975   Chris Burford, Receiver
1976   E.J. Holub, Center/Linebacker
1977   Jim Tyrer, Offensive Tackle
1978   Mike Garrett, Running Back
1979   Len Dawson, Quarterback
1980   Bobby Bell, Linebacker
1981   Buck Buchanan, Defensive Tackle
1982   Otis Taylor, Wide Receiver
1983   No Induction
1984   Ed Budde, Guard
1985   Willie Lanier, Linebacker
1986   Emmitt Thomas, Cornerback
1987   Hank Stram, Coach
1988   Jerrel Wilson, Punter
1989   Ed Podolak, Running Back
Jim Lynch, Linebacker
1991   Abner Haynes, Running Back
1992   Jan Stenerud, Kicker

1993   Sherrill Headrick, Linebacker
1994   Jack Rudnay, Center
1995   Curtis McClinton, Running Back
1996   Deron Cherry, Safety
1997   Dave Hill, Tackle
1998   Art Still, Defensive End
1999   Lloyd Burruss, Safety
2000   Christian Okoye, Running Back
2001   Derrick Thomas, Linebacker
2002   John Alt, Tackle
2003   Gary Spani, Linebacker
2004   Joe Delaney, Running Back
2005   Jack Steadman, Executive
2006   Neil Smith, Defensive End
2007   Albert Lewis, Cornerback
2008   Curley Culp, Defensive Tackle
2009   Nick Lowery, Kicker
2010   Marty Schottenheimer, Coach
2011   Kevin Ross, Cornerback
2012   Will Shields, Guard
2013   Gary Barbaro, Defensive Back
2014   Priest Holmes, Running Back
2015   Gary Green, Cornerback

Retired Jersey Numbers

3    Jan Stenerud, Kicker
16   Len Dawson, Quarterback
18   Emmitt Thomas, Cornerback
28   Abner Haynes, Running Back
33   Stone Johnson, Running Back
36   Mack Lee Hill, Running Back
58   Derrick Thomas, Linebacker
63   Willie Lanier, Linebacker
78   Bobby Bell, Linebacker
86   Buck Buchanan, Defensive Tackle