Group Tickets

Group Tickets are Subject to Availability and Pricing is Subject to Change

Group Ticket prices are subject to change without advance warning or notification. Group Tickets are subject to the Kansas City Chiefs Dynamic Pricing Policy and therefore Group Ticket prices may vary without notification. Ticket Holders who have already purchased, or will purchase, Group Tickets are not entitled to, or offered, a refund or credit as a result of any subsequent Group Ticket price fluctuation. A Chiefs Season Ticket Membership is the only way to ensure the best possible per game ticket pricing and ensure tickets to every Chiefs home game. All tickets follow a “Ready-to-Print” policy that disables printing of tickets until one month prior to that respective game. The convenience of ticket forwarding, donating and reselling on NFL Ticket Exchange will not change from previous seasons. Ready-to-Print reduces the likelihood of ticket fraud or electronic ticket mismanagement, helping to ensure guests have the best possible gameday experience.