Blue KC Chiefs Kingdom Champion - December 10, 2017 - Scott Poore


For the Chiefs December 10 matchup against the Oakland Raiders, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC) and the Chiefs selected Scott Poore, founder of Adopt Don't Shop KC, to be honored as the Blue KC Chiefs Kingdom Champion. Prior to kickoff, Poore received on-field recognition and conducted the ceremonial first pass to Deron Cherry before touring the Chiefs broadcast booth and enjoying the game.

Since founding Adopt Don't Shop KC—an online apparel company—in 2016, Poore has made it his mission to raise funds and awareness for local animal shelters and homeless pets across the metro. Through sales from the company's pet-friendly and rescue-promoting clothing items, Poore is able to spend four to five hours visiting shelters and promoting their most difficult-to-adopt pets through social media videos. "I spent the first part of my life focused on what I could get out of life," said Poore, whose pet-promoting videos regularly go viral, resulting in a successful adoption. "Working with shelter pets has made me realize that it's more about what you can give."

A native of Prairie Village, Kansas, Poore developed his love and passion for animals through his 10 years as shelter volunteer and own work as a shelter employee. His greatest joy now comes from seeing long-term shelter animals find loving homes. Poore also finds joy in conducting special fundraising projects, including his recent efforts to raise enough money to provide every shelter animal in Kansas City with a new bed.

What started as a GoFundMe campaign to purchase inexpensive mats from IKEA for shelter dogs and cats in Kansas City turned into a massive success as Poore exceeded his goal of $8,000 and reached $15,000 in just a week. Now, not only has he begun delivering some of these new beds to local shelters, he's also setting his sites on raising enough to purchase mats for every shelter animal in the state of Kansas.

While the successful fundraiser remains one of Poore's proudest accomplishments, he also knows that every little bit of compassion helps when it comes to shelter animals.

"Anyone can make an impact on the life of a homeless pet," said Poore. "There are so many ways you can volunteer, and every little bit helps. Even the smallest act of kindness can change the world."

As a Blue KC Chiefs Kingdom Champion, Poore was honored for "making Kansas City a better place to live, work and play." As a lifelong resident of the area, he's happy to be making a positive difference in his hometown community.

"I love Kansas City, which is why I've lived here my entire life," said Poore. "Kansas City has done so much for me that it makes it easy for me to want to give back."

With his passion for his city and being an advocate for its animal population, according to Blue KC representatives, Scott Poore was an ideal choice for the Blue KC Chiefs Kingdom Champion recognition.

"Scott Poore has become one of the leading advocates for homeless animals in the Kansas City area," said Christina Lively, Blue KC's Department Vice President of Marketing and Communications. "His incredible efforts to meet the needs of our local shelters and their animals is inspiring, and he's teaching an entire community the value of pet adoption. We're happy to honor him as a Blue KC Chiefs Kingdom Champion." To nominate a local hero like Scott Poore to be recognized as a Blue KC Chiefs Kingdom Champion, visit

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