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2015 NFL Owners Meetings: Five Most Interesting Rule Proposals

There are 23 rule proposals that will be discussed this week in Arizona

As NFL owners, executives, general managers and coaches attend the league meetings in Arizona this week, there are a handful of things on the docket that will be discussed.

Many of those are in regards to the 23 rule proposals that were submitted by NFL clubs, which will be voted on by the 32 owners this week.

Of the 23 proposals, 13 deal with instant replay in some form or another.

Here are five of those rule proposals that were found most interesting:

  1. Allow a coach to challenge any official's decision, except scoring plays and turnovers. Also, make all fouls subject to review
  1. Subject to instant replay any penalty that results in an automatic first down.
  1. Put fixed cameras on all boundary lines.
  1. Add a bonus field goal for one additional point after a successful two-point conversion attempt.
  1. Both teams to have a possession in overtime.

The best images of defensive plays in 2014.

In order for the NFL to adopt the rule, there must be at least 24 votes in favor.

For more information on all 23 rules, including bylaw and resolution changes, click here.

Chiefs Kingdom, how do you feel about these potential rules?

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