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Alex Smith, Andy Reid Point to "Self-Inflicted" Mistakes vs. Seahawks

The Chiefs fell to the Seahawks Friday night in Seattle, 26-13

It wasn't the kind of performance the Chiefs were looking for offensively against the Seahawks.

As a whole, the Chiefs' offense ran 62 plays for 225 yards, which was an average of just 3.6 yards per play.

"Not good enough tonight, all the way around," Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith said after the game. "Offensively, just a bunch of mistakes, missed opportunities and self-inflicted things. I've got to get it cleaned up."

Some of those self-inflicted mistakes were the 14 penalties for 126 yards the Chiefs were called for on the night.

The Chiefs had more penalty yards in this game than the two previous preseason games combined. Against the 49ers and Bengals, the Chiefs were called for 18 penalties for just 103 yards.

After the game, Chiefs coach Andy Reid addressed the "self-inflicted" mistakes.

"Penalties, penalties, penalties—way too many," Reid noted. "We had some drops early from our ones that normally don't happen. We're a pretty straight-headed football team and we had some drops there with the potential yards after the catch on those so again, we've got to a better job.

"This one will be a good learning tape."

"We obviously have a lot of tape to watch and it's not going to be fun to look at," Smith added. "But we'll learn from it and get back out to practice and get it fixed."

It started off well for the Chiefs' offense.

They marched down the field on their opening drive and were able to walk away with a field goal, which at the time, made it four offensive drives for the first-team unit this preseason that all ended up with points (two touchdowns, two field goals).

Unfortunately, running back Spencer Ware was injured late in that opening drive, leaving with what Reid called a "sprain" after the game. Ware is slated to have an MRI on Saturday.

"To march down the field and get down there in the red zone, obviously you'd love to walk away with seven, but I felt good about it," Smith explained. "And that drive felt like how we've started every preseason game so far, feeling good and like we got rhythm and then from there to just sputter, for a bunch of different reasons but fundamentals weren't where they needed to be. Blocking, passing, catching, all that stuff. Everyone had their turn. Penalties. 

"It takes all eleven guys to compete at a high level to go with this league. I think it was a good example for us to learn from, but definitely wasn't good enough."

Smith finished the game 7 of 17 for 77 yards, but according to Pro Football Focus, there were five passes dropped by Chiefs' receivers with Smith in the game.

Photos from the Chiefs third preseason game of 2017 against the Seahawks

Between the penalties and drops, the Chiefs' offense left a lot on the field.

"I think we all had a hand in it, all of us," Smith added. "Guys on the perimeter, guys on the inside, myself, missed opportunities, mistakes, got to get it cleaned up. I think all of us walked away not feeling great, obviously. We know we're capable of better and need to play better."

Reid spoke about the drops after the game.

"I'm big on anything that touches your body, you catch," he said. "As a receiver in the National Football League, that's what you do. So, I put that responsibility on those guys and they'll take that responsibility—that's how they are. They normally make those catches or I wouldn't have expected them to do it.

"So, that was really something that I haven't seen day in and day out. We're not a big drop team. That's not who we are. To have three or four of them dropped—that's unusual for us."

The Chiefs still had a chance to win going into the fourth quarter due in large part to the defense holding the Seahawks to just 1 of 4 inside the red zone.

Heading into a short week, the Chiefs' offense will try and remedy the drops and penalties as they return to practice Sunday afternoon to prepare for Thursday's game at Arrowhead Stadium against the Tennessee Titans. It's the fourth and final preseason game of the year.

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