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Alex Smith's Postgame Presser Transcript

The Chiefs QB assesses the team's performance against Denver

On having to play "catch up" against the Broncos

"Not good enough. I felt like we put ourselves in holes and didn't start fast enough in the first quarter. Second quarter was better, because we were moving the ball around. We still kind of hurt ourselves at times. Third quarter, we had some opportunities as well, but we stalled out. We couldn't get anything going. We had some pretty good field position and a chance to make the game tight. We couldn't get it done. Those two things just scraped my mind, which got us behind and won the best of us."

On the pressure of keeping up with Denver's offense
"It doesn't really matter who you are playing, you are still trying to go out and execute every play. That's it. When they get up a couple scores, you have to answer. We weren't able to get it done tonight. Regardless of what opposing offense there is, as a player, you have to execute every minute."

On missed opportunities
"We hurt ourselves. A turnover in the red zone and penalties hurt us. I thought every time we got something going, penalties stalled us out. In the third quarter, if we could find something to get going, it could've changed the game."

On throwing the ball early on
"We took some more shots (down the field); I think we needed to. They dictated that, as well."

On the Chiefs' first loss
"It's terrible. It's not fun. As great as it is to win, it's lousy when you lose any game. Sunday Night Football is a big game and a big environment. To come here and come up short hurts and stings. It's good in some ways. We have to find a way to deal with it. How many teams have ever gone undefeated, given the history of football? We have to find a way to get better and prepare for next week. We see them again in two weeks, but we have to prepare for another big division, game next week against San Diego. These games keep getting bigger."

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