Alex Smith's Wednesday Presser Transcript

The Chiefs QB talks Broncos, Thanksgiving and more

Q: Why do you think the offense was able to be so effective this past game against the Chargers?

SMITH: "In the end, it just comes down to execution. I thought we executed more consistently, across the board. We were good in the red zone. I thought we stayed out of a lot of third-and-longs. All of those things kind of lead to success."

Q: Did those guys on the right side of the line, who were filling in, do alright?

SMITH: "They did a great job, no question. They came in against a good front and played extremely well."

Q: What did you take away from the Denver game and what do you think you could do offensively in this game to win?

SMITH: "I mean, I think it just comes back to all of those things we just talked about. You have to take care of the football and execute on first and second down, stay out of bad third downs and then, you have to execute on third downs, as well and then in the red zone, you have to be good. It's a whole new challenge and you have to be on top of it."

Q: With the turnovers and points scored off them last game, do you feel like you have to play almost perfectly offensively this game to win?

SMITH: "No, certainly it is a priority for us, protecting the football, but you're going out there to execute and sometimes they happen. You have to be able to overcome it. You're never going to play a perfect game. It's not going to happen. So much of this is about overcoming adversity; we had opportunities even with the turnover a couple of weeks ago to overcome and just didn't. You're going out there to execute and score points."

Q: Do you like the fact that you're going against them again so soon and that it's here in your place?

SMITH: "Yeah, no question. I think with a divisional opponent, there is the home and away element. They got us there and we'll get them on our turf now. It's unique in a sense that they're only two weeks apart, so it feels a little more fresh on your mind. I think everybody is kind of excited about it."

Q: What's still fresh on your mind from that game?

SMITH: "Obviously, other than the defeat, you're watching a lot of that film and you're seeing all of the things you kind of left out there, plays that we didn't make that were out there, self-inflicted things that we did to ourselves that really hurt us. I think you look at all that and want a chance to redeem yourself."

Q: What do you see from Peyton Manning that sets him apart from other quarterbacks?

SMITH: "It's tough for me to even say, because I'm not there in the meeting room or on the field; I've never been around him in that sense. I think the thing that any quarterback or any player wants to do is be consistent and consistently good. He certainly has done that over a lot of years."

Q: Does your family have a Thanksgiving tradition?

SMITH: "I think it's the customary traditional one, get together with family and hopefully eat some good food."

Q: You won't eat too much because of a possible weigh-in, right?

SMITH: "That's usually not a problem for me. I'm on an all-you-can-eat diet."

Q: What are the benefits and disadvantages to playing Denver twice in three weeks?

SMITH: "I think the advantage is there is a lot of carryover from two weeks ago. Not much has changed personnel-wise. Even scheme-wise, there is not that much difference. We just played these guys with one game in between. I think there is a lot of carryover."

Q: Is there anything that either team has learned from two weeks ago?

SMITH: "I think you look a lot at the tape of our first game to see how they played you. Maybe what they might try to do the second go-around. You try to anticipate that."

Q: Do you feel like Jamaal Charles needs to get more carries?

SMITH: "You're asking the wrong guy. It's not something I'm thinking about. Certainly, he's a focal point for this offense. I think one of his strengths is that he can touch the ball in so many different areas."

Q: Do you take into account your situation with the Chiefs of what you're thankful for on Thanksgiving?

SMITH: "Absolutely, no question. I'm thankful for a lot of things. That's certainly one of them."

Q: Are you thankful for the Patriots beating the Broncos last week?

SMITH: "I certainly watched it. No question. When that fumble happened at the end, you were certainly pretty happy about that. It really helped us out, obviously."

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