Alex Smith: "We have to continue to fight"

The Chiefs QB addresses the media, following Sunday's game against Denver

Why do you think the momentum shifted from the first half to the second?

"It's tough to say at this point. They certainly felt the same way; the first few drives kind of felt like we were moving it at will. We didn't even really get in any third-down situations, first and second down, just kind of chucking it along. Then, I think that was kind of it, lack of execution. We kind of got into some third downs and then just didn't execute, kind of there, in the end of the second quarter, early third and then fell behind. It's tough to point at one thing at this point."

What do the drops of some of the deep balls do to the confidence of the offense?

"I don't know if it does anything to our confidence. Those things are going to happen. It's my job just to keep throwing them. I certainly miss my fair share as well. That's the nature of the passing game. You're striving for perfection and you would love to hit every single one, but it's not going to happen. I think, especially in the last few weeks, we have done a great job of just continuing to attack and take shots at times; I thought we did a good job of that tonight."

On Junior Hemingway:

"Junior, I think every time he gets an opportunity, every time his number gets called, he steps up and makes a play. Every time I turn (and look at) special teams, he's out there making a play. He's just a good, good football player and obviously a talented receiver, no question. Like I said, every time he seems to get an opportunity, he makes a play."

Did you not see the guy in the end zone, when you threw the pick?

"No, I saw him late. I really think it was a good decision; I thought he was open. You know (it was) first down, it was just a bad throw. First down passing, you look back and you miss that ball high (and) you really throw it to (Anthony) Fasano or nobody, because it wasn't fourth down or third down. Looking back on that, I thought it was a good decision. I thought he was open; I still think he was, it was just a bad throw, bad execution."

On Anthony Fasano:

"He's a really good player and finally back feeling healthy, at least as far as his ankle."

Is it easier or tougher or the same, to keep on the task at hand, when you have lost three in a row?

"I mean, three in a row, any time you are doing that, especially two in a row at home, you're not feeling good about that. We would have loved to have gone undefeated, but the reality of that happening, I mean, how many times has it happened in the history of football? It's not likely. Losses are a nature of the game and you have to be able to overcome it. These last two, we had a chance to win it, both times I felt like we had a chance to win it. We were in these games. Earlier in the year, we were coming out at the other end of these, on the other side of it. We just have to continue to fight. I think this team has that kind of character. We just have to keep plugging along. There's still everything we want in front of us. It was a tough loss (and there's) no time to point fingers or do any of that. (We just have) to continue to do what we've been doing and get better. Obviously, we need to look at this execution tonight and get better from it and move on to next week."

Do you feel like this team doesn't know how to knock teams out, yet?

"I mean, we weren't going to knock that team out with ten minutes left in the second quarter. Yeah, we had a jump on them, 21-7, but we knew what they were capable of. We knew they were going to battle back and be able to put up some points. There was just so much game left at that point. I don't think we were in a place to finish them off. I certainly think we came out in the second half up seven and near the third quarter, we didn't play as well as we needed to, obviously. I don't think there was ever a situation tonight, where we could have finished them. I didn't think that. There was still so much football to be played."

Is there anything that you have learned from Peyton Manning from these past two games?

"No. It's so hard, I have no idea what they're doing in the huddle; I have no idea what their game plan is, no idea what they're asking him to do. Obviously, he threw some good passes tonight, other than that, I'm sitting on the sidelines and I have no idea what is going on over there."

How do you guys reset your sights with the AFC West being in the Broncos favor now?

"I mean, I certainly don't think we were set on anything to begin with, I guess, but to answer your question, certainly that's what we were shooting for, (to) win the division. That's the first way to punch your ticket to the playoffs, but certainly we are in a position to go another direction. Not to say that we still can't win the division, there still are a lot of games left. Those things are out of our control at this point. We have to focus in on what we have to do and that is to win ball games. There certainly are two other ways to get into the playoffs with the wildcard spots. We're sitting pretty good with that."

On three of the four last games being on the road.

"Yeah, you're way ahead of us right now; you're way ahead of me."

On the next game being on the road.

"Yeah, I mean you have to play on the road and I think we have done a great job with that this year. It's part of the deal. You have to find a way."

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