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Andy Reid: "Every game is a challenge"

The team's head coach discusses preparations for the Denver Broncos


Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid Quotes
November 11, 2013

Q: What is your policy on hazing in the locker room?

REID: "We're not a hazing team. I don't encourage that. That's just not how we operate."

Q: Did the rookies sing at training camp?

REID: "No, they don't."

Q: Is that something you got from your Green Bay background, going through the ranks?

REID: "Yeah, that was a Bill Walsh thing. He felt that the rookies were an integral part of the team. You treat them like men and you expect them to play and do that, like the rest of the guys. Mike Holmgren did the same thing; he had the same policy."

Q: What are your thoughts on what the Broncos have been able to do offensively this season?

REID: "I tell you, they've done a great job. They've got a good football team, period and their offense has been doing a very nice job. They're very explosive."

Q: Can their success be explained by the really good players on their team?

REID: "I think they've got good players and good coaches and that's normally a pretty good formula."

Q: Are there any extra challenges coming out of a bye week getting ready for an upcoming game?

REID: "Every game is a challenge in this league. The challenges, I think, are the same. I guess it would be dependent on where your bye week is during the year, how many years you've been in, all of those. You take those into consideration; at least I would, when answering that. I thought ours (bye week) hit at a good time. I think the guys will come back, their retention level will be good and they'll be a little bit fresher and ready to go. We practiced today, so they looked like they were moving around pretty good."

Q: What did you guys work on in practice?

REID: "We worked a little bit on Denver and a little bit more on Denver."

Q: Looking at the 13 byes, when you were at Philly, the closest call you had was 26-24 against Indianapolis. Now you have the same quarterback this week; what do you remember about that game?

REID: "They had a good football team and we had a good football team. It was two good teams playing each other. He was Peyton Manning. He was pretty good that day. We just ended up winning the game. I can't tell you I remember a whole other than that."

Q: How does the head coach get some release during the bye week?

REID: "Well, we worked, the staff worked, up through Wednesday. We put a full Wednesday in and then we took a couple days off. We have the luxury of having these iPads, so we have a little bit of mobility there, flexibility that we didn't have a few years back. So, I was able to take a couple days off and still have my iPad with me and be able to review some tape."

Q: What are you seeing from the Broncos defense?

REID: "They're very good. We've seen that the whole year, but we saw that yesterday against San Diego. They're a good football team and a good defense. I think they're very well-rounded; their special teams are very good, too. They're a good bunch."

Q: When you first got here with John Dorsey, how much time did you spend looking at the Broncos and figuring out what the best way to match up with them would be?

REID: "I'm not sure you necessarily do that as much as you want to try to accumulate as many good football players as you can at all positions. That's kind of the way you go. Teams are so fluid; there's so much change in this league. I don't think you set yourself up necessarily that way, other than trying to get what you need to compete within the National Football League. That's kind of how you roll with it. It's a little bit vague, but that's really how you do it and then just say, 'Listen, we're going to get ourselves ready for one team.'"

Q: What's your message to your team today to keep them focused, because there is so much hype behind this game?

REID: "I don't think focus is where your emphasis goes on this game. They're going to be focused. They're playing a good football team and that's just how it works. The important part is that you go back to the things that you've done every week from a preparation standpoint. You respect the heck out of Denver and then you study them and get yourself right as a team. You make sure that you know the scheme, make sure that you stay up on what you need to be physically at the highest level. That's how you go about doing your business. You don't want to get caught up in all of the distractions that go on with being a Sunday night game or however you look at it. We're playing the Denver Broncos and you want to make sure you get yourself prepared to play a good football team."

Q: Did everybody come back this morning? Is everybody in the shape that they left?

REID: "They are. Everybody was back today, which is a good thing. They moved around good, today."

Q: And Mike Catapano remains the only injured guy?

REID: "He actually practiced today and we did a 10-10-10 practice, which you kind of remember from the training camp stuff. He moved around okay. We'll see how he does come Wednesday, but today he moved around okay."

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