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Andy Reid Press Conference 10/03

Andy Reid speaks with the media on the final day of practice before the Chiefs meet the 49ers in week five

OPENING STATEMENT:"Alright, as far as injuries go, Donnie Avery had surgery this morning and things went well. Eric Berry, both these two we have listed as out. Eric Berry is making progress, but still not able to play.  Look forward to the challenge of playing the 49ers. These guys have had a good week of practice. We know we're playing against a good football team. We tried to focus in on trying to get ourselves better and then going out there and playing and, again, against a good football team. The time's yours." 

Q:What about De'Anthony Thomas?

REID:"De'Anthony, he's good to go. I don't know what we're listing him as. I'm Andy Reid saying he's good to go. How's that?"

Q: Are you comfortable with him at least backing up the punt return right now?

REID: "Yeah. We'll see how he does and you have an opportunity here. We'll see how rusty or if he isn't really, and we'll find out."

Q:  You've talked about the toughness you want from your offense especially in the line of scrimmage. If ever there's a game where if you're not tough, you'll find yourself on your butt, it's this team. How do they (San Francisco) play their defense with attitude?

REID: "Yeah, that's exactly how they play and yeah, you're right on all accounts there. So, you've got to make sure you go out there and play good, tough football. They are a tough group and so we've got to make sure we are right as we go play them."

Q: Vic Fangio's been banging around the NFL a long time, is there anything in particular to how he approaches defense, besides the toughness?

REID:"He does a lot of different coverage, but he's not a huge blitz guy, that's not his main thing. Although there have been games that he's done it a little bit more than others. He's a good teacher, and he cuts his guys loose and they play hard and he's got good football players there."

Q: It can be lethal for defenses against a zone blocking scheme if they aren't disciplined in cut back lane. How good are these guys at that? Staying disciplined?

REID:"Their running backs, (Frank) Gore you've seen do it for a long time and they've got a young kid in there too, Gore is as patient as any running back there is in the league and as confident in his o-line in making cut backs as there is. So you've got to stay very disciplined and very aggressive."

Q: What about their linebackers against your zone blocking stuff? How disciplined are they against the run?

REID:"They are good, very good. We need to make sure we do a good job and get a body on a body. That's important."

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