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Andy Reid Press Conference 10/24

Andy Reid addresses the media as the Chiefs finish preparing to face the St. Louis Rams in week eight

OPENING STATEMENT:"Don't have much on the injuries. Donnie Avery is out as is Chris Owens, they will both be listed as out. Eric (Berry) practiced today, went through and he's feeling better every day here. We are just going to list him as questionable and see how he does. Junior Hemingway practiced today and is feeling pretty good so again we will just see how he does the next couple days. We look forward to the opportunity of playing the Rams. The guys have had a good week of practice; they've worked hard to learn what the Rams are doing. They did quite a little bit of stuff on both sides of the ball and special teams so they've had to focus in on all that. And I think they've done a good job at that."

Q: How did Eric Berry look out at practice this week?

REID:"You know he actually looks pretty good and he feels pretty good. So we will just see how the next couple days go. I don't want to say one way or another, that's why we listed him there. We will just see how it all works out for him."

Q: With a guy like Berry if you make him active, is he a guy that will definitely play or start?

REID:"You count on that, yeah."

Q: What do you do when he comes back in the mix? Does that mean that Parker will sit?

REID:"We will see. We have a couple combinations that we're working. Doggonit, I can't give you all that. I have to have a couple things up my sleeve."

Q: Is Ron Parker playing enough that you would have to kind of think of ways to get him on the field?

REID:"He's playing well, yeah. He's doing a nice job, he really is. I won't slight you on that part, he's playing well."

Q: How long are you guys going to make (Donald) Stephenson pay a penance for the timing and nature of his suspension?

REID:"That's not what we are doing, he's gotten back into the swing. We've eased him in a couple situations here. That's not what is going on. The problem is when you leave other guys have a chance to play and they are playing well. So that's kind of where we are at."

Q: Is it more so, you get cohesiveness going on the line and you don't want to mess with it?

REID: "Yeah, listen. They're all dancing the same dance right now. Donald, he understands how it works. Again, we mix him in there in different places. "

Q: Are you at the point that you feel like he is in football shape now?

REID: "Yeah, I think he's about there. Yeah he's about there."

Q: It sounds like he may actually get some work this week as a swing guy now.

REID: "Yeah, we'll see. We'll see. You're asking tough questions today. I can't give you those."

Q: Did you have any recognition of Jeff Fisher when you went to Marshall High School?

REID: "Well, yeah because you kind of knew that area and the players, the good players in particular and he was one of the good ones. He was out in the valley, a little bit further out in the valley from where I was, but you kind of knew who the good players were."

Q: This is another week with Jamell Fleming in and Phillip Gaines getting the start again?

REID: "Yeah, that's probably so. Yeah and they both played well. They deserve that."

Q: It looks like (Rodney) Hudson is playing really well right now.

REID: "Yeah. I think Rodney's always done that though. Rodney's a good football player. That's how he's playing the way he's played. He's an aggressive guy. He can run, get down field, do some things. That's where most of his finishes are coming there down the field and he's done a nice job with that."

Q: Are you guys using him that way more this year than last year?

REID: "Yeah, probably early we have. A little later in the year we used him, but at this time last year, probably not quite as much."

Q: When I say Rams, what do you think of?

REID: "Well, I grew up with the Rams. I was a big L.A. Rams fan."

Q: Who was your favorite player?

REID: "Deacon Jones and Merlin Olsen. Those are my guys right there."

Q: How often did you get to the Coliseum? REID: "I got there twice. That's when I was doing that punt, pass and kick. I don't really want to bring that up, but yeah."

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