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Andy Reid Press Conference 12/12

Andy Reid addresses the media as the Chiefs finish preparing to face the Raiders in Week 15

OPENING STATEMENT:"Alright, really the only one that didn't practice today was (Allen) Bailey, still recovering from the concussion. Everyone else was out here and worked. Look forward to the challenge of playing the Raiders. Again, there was a good week of practice and again, we know we're playing a good football team. We look forward to bringing them into Arrowhead here. We know our fans are going to be revved up and ready to go. It's Raider week. Time's yours."  

Q: What is Bailey's status?

REID:"We'll get that to you. I think they're still doing all their work on him."

Q: I didn't see (Phillip) Gaines. Was Gaines out there?

REID: "Gaines was out there, yeah. Gaines was out there early, yep."

Q: His status?

REID: "We'll get it to you this afternoon."

Q: (Tamba) Hali?

REID: "He practiced today, yeah. Yep, he practiced today."

Q: Do you expect to have full use of Jamaal (Charles)?

REID: "Yeah."

Q: Who are some of the guys in the mix if Gaines can't go?

REID: "Well, I mean (Jamell) Fleming, Coop (Marcus Cooper), Chris (Owens). They've all worked in there."

Q: What are your thoughts on how Coop (Marcus Cooper) has handled the last few months?

REID: "He's a class-act, Coop. He works hard and he's handled it very well. He tries to get better every day."

Q: You've got a reputation of knowing a thing or two about quarterbacks. When (Derek) Carr came out this May, what did you think of him? REID: "Yeah I thought he was a good quarterback. I think his numbers showed you that in college, but he's got a good feel for things and looks like he enjoys playing the game."

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