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Andy Reid Press Conference 12/17

Andy Reid addresses the media as the Chiefs begin to prepare to face the Steelers in Week 16

OPENING STATEMENT:"As far as the injuries go, we've got two guys who have the flu - Dwayne Bowe and Jaye Howard. So we sent them home and got them out of here. Anthony Fasano won't practice today with his knee, its precautionary measures and we will keep it rolling here. De'Anthony (Thomas) was the AFC Special Teams Player of the Week and congratulations go out to him and the guys who were helping him along the way there by blocking. Look forward to the challenge of playing the Steelers. We know they're a good football team, great environment to play football in, in Pittsburgh. Our guys started the first phase of getting their preparation done today and we will have a good practice this afternoon. Times yours."

Q: What is a sweet spot on the amount of touches for Jamaal (Charles) and what are the variables that go into that?

REID:"I'm not sure by number that there is an absolute number. We just kind of see how things are rolling during the game and then we dial those things up as we go. We don't actually put a number on it."

Q: He's been injured a lot, how do work with that. Obviously you want to maximize his touches, but that also maximizes his exposure to injury. How do you balance that?

REID:"Well, there's not really a number that you can put on that. You try to spot him when you can spot him and then give him time off when he needs time off to get himself back healthy and ready for the week. He's not the type that wants to take anytime off and he wants to play every play. So you work within that. We are very fortunate to have him and that attitude that he brings."

Q: How do you get your guys to keep playing at a playoff level every week now?

REID:"Well, I don't think you focus on that. You focus on the things we've talked about each week and that's: study the opponent, you always respect the opponent, you study the opponent and then you make sure that you study the scheme that you've been delivered by the coaches. Then you let your personality show within that. That part doesn't change and you're always going to bring great intensity to every game. That's what you strive to do and you strive to do that consistently. That won't be any different this week in how we approach things."

Q: What does that mean, 'show your personality'?

REID:"The quarterback position might be the easiest one because it's the one that everybody sees. So the quarterback position, Brett Favre, Steve Young, Joe Montana, Donovan McNabb and you go on and now Alex (Smith). They've all had the same offense, but what they do is add their little flare to it. Each player does that at every position and that's their personality. You give them certain rules and you allow them to add their flare, their personality to that play or that position."

Q: What is Alex's flare?

REID:"Consistency. He's got a whole lot of redeeming qualities, but the end result is he is very consistent and people trust him."

Q: How close are Phillip Gaines and Allen Bailey to returning to practice this week?

REID:"Close. You will see them out here so they will be out doing their thing."

Q: Does this week really feel like every other week? It doesn't feel like an elimination or playoff week?

REID:"Well, yeah you're at that time of the year where if you're still in the hunt this time of year every game is magnified. Both teams are in that frame of mind. Both teams know that you're down towards the end of the season so it should be a heck of an environment for a football game and a great atmosphere. The players, there's a little extra juice involved in these things. At the same time you've got to go through the process. If you eliminate the process then you've got problems."

Q: What is making Pittsburgh's offense so effective?

REID:"They have both the run and pass game going. Ben (Roethlisberger) is playing well and the runner (Le'veon Bell) is playing well. They've got a nice little combination going. Everybody is contributing, tight ends, wide receivers, they all have a part of it and the runner does well both in the run and the pass game."

Q: We are starting to see more of Albert Wilson and Frankie Hammond Jr. in the passing game. Are you getting more comfortable calling their number?

REID:"I'm not going to say I didn't feel comfortable before. They are young guys and so they are getting better every week and I think they are becoming more familiar with not only the offense but the defense that is being presented to them. You get to this time of year and you've kind of seen just about one of everything, at least. There is a learning curve there that takes place for young players. Especially at that position, that's a tough one."

Q: Why have you guys as a staff, and you in particular, had so much success so early in Kansas City.

REID:"We've been blessed with good players, from a coaching stand point and we've got good coaches. That normally is a nice combination. (John) Dorsey has done a good job on his end and Clark Hunt sets everything up. It's a phenomenal organization. It's definitely not one thing that goes into winning football games, there's a whole lot of things that go in it, but it always starts at the top."

Q: What is the template of a Dick LeBeau defense?

REID:"Aggressive, normally you're going to count on more than four people coming and they could be coming from anywhere. So you've got to keep your eyes open and then at the same time you have to play your game."

Q: What about a Todd Haley offense?

REID:"Todd's done a nice job there. I know there was a history here with Todd so you guys know him. Todd's done a nice job incorporating the run and the pass game and the guys are playing at a high level."

Q: I know this is Dorsey's deal, but he wouldn't do anything without talking to you. You've added a long snapper to the practice squad, what's the need there?

REID:"Well, we are just taking a look at him."

Q: You have no intention of promoting him?

REID:"To be honest with you, I haven't even seen him snap a ball so Dorsey has seen more of him than what I have. I'll take a peek at him and see what he looks like. We are always making sure we have enough competition at each position."

Q: (Thomas) Gafford is fine physically?

REID:"Gafford is fine physically."

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