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Andy Reid Press Conference 12/19

Andy Reid addresses the media as the Chiefs finish preparing to face the Steelers in Week 16

OPENING STATEMENT: "Alright real quick, as far as the injuries go, really Dwayne (Bowe) is the primary one because of the illness. He's taken in some fluids and trying to maintain keeping those fluids in. So we'll just see how he does. He is making improvement, but he did not practice today. Tamba (Hali) didn't practice today. We rested him off the turf, but he'll be ready to go. Listen, we look forward to the challenge of playing the Steelers. The guys have had a good week of practice and we'll get ourselves ready tomorrow to hop on the plane and go down there and play against a good football team. Time's yours."

Q: What kind of edge does special teams give you this weekend? You're leading the league in kick returns and up there on punt returns and haven't given up too big of plays.

REID: "Well yeah I mean listen, we take a lot of pride in all three phases of our game. We don't slice special teams, it's a big part of our team. (Dave) Toub does a good job and the guys that play on it take a lot of pride in it. They've got a big challenge this weekend against the Steelers, but again, they've had a good week of practice and have a pretty good plan."

Q: How's Jamaal (Charles) feeling today?

REID: "Yeah he feels good. Yeah. He worked today. Feels good."

Q: With Dwayne (Bowe) if he can't go, is Frankie Hammond Jr. next or do you leave (Jason) Avant out there?

REID: "Yeah we've just kind of put everyone in there and we've moved people around. I think he's going to be ready. Right now everybody's jumped in and taken some reps."

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