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Andy Reid Press Conference 12/5

Andy Reid addresses the media as the Chiefs finish preparing to face the Cardinals in Week 14

OPENING STATMENT:"Alright so this is what you've got as injuries: Allen Bailey and Junior Hemingway are out for this game with a concussion. They'll be listed as that at a later time. We look forward, again, to the challenge of playing the Cardinals. We know they're a good football team. The guys have had a good week of practice and we'll get that plane loaded up and ready to go for tomorrow. Time's yours." 

Q: With Bailey out, would big Vick (Kevin Vickerson) be the next man up or is it Vance Walker?

REID:"Yeah well they're all playing. They're all playing. Yeah they all play. So they end up rotating in there, but they'll all get a shot."

Q: Has Jamaal Charles shown any problems with his knee?

REID: "Yeah, no he's fine. He's been good. He hasn't missed a snap (in practice)."

Q: I know it's the NFL and all these games matter, but after losing two in a row earlier in the season you guys responded really well. How important is this game to bounce back?

REID: "It's hard to measure them right? You know that. Every game in this league and now you're into December they become more magnified so you've got to make sure you take care of business and you've got yourself ready to play."

Q:Do you address those December standings?

REID: "We talk about it. Sure. Yeah. Not that they don't know. I'm stating the obvious but you're starting the last quarter of the season. That's an important phase. Not everybody is in a position or a striking position. When you're in that position, you take care of business."

Q: Dee Ford is getting more special teams work right now. How does he go about getting better on the defensive side?

REID:"Well part of it is you just continue to learn the scheme and then the other part of it is fundamentals. And then when you have an opportunity to get in that you make plays."

Q: How tough is it to get better at pass rush maneuvers when you're not going full speed? Do you have to get that experience in games?

REID:"Well there's nothing like being in a game; that part we know. But at the same time, you practice fast and one thing you have to know to get in the game, you have to make sure that you have everything down and that part is important. Then take advantage of those opportunities when you get in."

Q: Has he shown some promise on special teams?

REID:"Yeah, he's improving every week. So his time will come and it's important that he takes advantage of it."

Q: When you drafted him you knew he played the same position as Justin (Houston) and as Tamba (Hali) did you know there was a chance this could kind of end up being a redshirt year?

REID:"Well, no. But I think it's important from his standpoint that he gets as much out of those guys as he can from a learning standpoint."

Q: When Chuck Pagano got Leukemia and it turns into a great story because he got through it OK and it gave Bruce Arians a chance to be a head coach. Talk about that. REID:"Well that is a great story. Bruce has taken full advantage of it. He did a nice job with it at Indy and he's done a nice job with it here in Arizona. He's a good football coach. In the profession we all know that he's a good football coach. He got a chance to do it and he's taken advantage of that."

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