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Andy Reid Press Conference 12/8

Andy Reid speaks with the media following the Chiefs 17-14 loss to the Cardinals in Week 14

OPENING STATEMENT:"Alright, as far as the injuries go, really from the game, Jamaal (Charles) would be the primary one. His knee swelled up, the same one that he had hurt last week. And the ankle that he had sprained earlier in the year, he had some issues with that on that one play during the game. And so he's a bit tender today. (Allen) Bailey and (Junior) Hemingway have not passed their test as of yet so they're still going through that. As far as the game goes, you obviously can't have the penalties and the turnovers that we had against a good football team and come out on top. The positive things out of the game were that we did put ourselves in positions there to score, in particular down the stretch, but turnovers nulled that. These are things that we can fix and we'll do that. We'll get it taken care of here over this next week and make sure that we address some of these issues and get back again, continue to get back to better fundamentals where we're keeping our hands in tight and also hanging on to the football. Time is yours."

Q: What did the Cardinals defense show in that final minute and a half where you didn't feel challenging them vertically?

REID:"Well, we had a couple verticals called; we just weren't able to get them accomplished there. They did a nice job of covering them and I've got to make sure that I'm dialing the right things up in those situations to be able to do that."

Q: On the Travis Kelce fumble, did you see it the way the review resulted?

REID:"We're not allowed to talk about all that stuff so I'm just going to hold off on that."

Q: Do you plan on submitting anything to the league?

REID:"I can't get into all of that."

Q: What did you see out of Albert Wilson that made you start him this week over Donnie Avery?

REID:"I just thought Donnie needed to step back; he wasn't quite up to full speed the week before. It wasn't anything of effort or any of that. With Donnie, he is just coming off that injury and I thought he needed a little more time. And then Albert has been playing well; he did a nice job. He'd like to probably have that last one back but other than that I thought he had a pretty good game."

Q: Are the issues on the offensive line solvable in the next few weeks or is that something that will take more time than that?

REID:"I think most of these issues here – that's the positive that I take out of this as frustrated as we all are – I think the positive is there are some things we can do here to fix the issues. They are not things that we can't work out."

Q: How much did Jamaal Charles' first half injury affect the ability to utilize him properly in the second half?

REID:"Well, I can't tell you he was 100 percent or feeling 100 percent, not that anybody is this time of year. He wasn't feeling great but I probably still could have given him the ball a few more times."

Q: Did you notice in the second half that Arizona put more guys in the box? Was that maybe to take away the run game?

REID:"Yeah they did, they loaded it up a little bit. We came out running the second half and had a little success. To some of our formations they put a few more people into the box. There were some things there that we had an opportunity to take advantage of with the pass game, that's kind of how you work it. We didn't get everything done there that we needed too, obviously."

Q: Defensively, you guys held them to one-of-five in the red zone. How does that help give the offense a chance?

REID:"That's big along with the two missed field goals. That's a big thing. You'd rather stop them out wide but to not allow them to score touchdowns definitely puts you in a position to take care of business. We did, when you really look at this thing. Again, you try to find positives in situations like this. The positive is we had the ball in our hands going down the stretch with the ball just outside of the twenty when the fumble took place. We were on the move for either a tie or a win. With the negatives you can't forget the things that you put yourself in a position to do. We did gain some yards throwing the football which were positive yards. Again, you can't have the turnovers there along with the penalties. When you have a penalty on a drive your percentage of having a successful drive ending up in a touchdown is slim. The percentages go way down whether it's a holding call or an illegal procedure call now you're kind of playing back into that other team's hands. You're playing in an uphill battle and you don't want to put yourself in those positions."

Q: Last week you said you needed to move Alex Smith around in the pocket to put him in a position to make plays, do you feel like you accomplished that goal this week?

REID:"You saw three or four times there that we moved him out of the pocket. The first play I know you saw and some of the other ones there. We tried to make an attempt on doing that. Some of his best plays are in the pocket so you feel comfortable doing that. We have to do a little better job at times with the protection. Obviously we had too many sacks."

Q: With the way the second half of the 2013 season ended and you look over your last three games, how do you apply the lessons learned from that period to now? You're still alive in the playoffs.

REID:"Yeah. We are and so you do have to learn from that. We put an emphasis on finishing and so now you're down to the three games and so you put the clutter of the playoffs and all that out of your mind and you focus in on how you take care of the finish and you take care of the game that you can control and that's the one that's taking place this week and then you get back to continuing to work on your fundamentals, improving in those. Those are things that you can control. The techniques, those are the things you can control and the rest of it you get out of your mind and go play and let your personality be a part of that and play with energy. That's how we're going to approach this."

Q: Given the last three games, what is the team's mentality right now?

REID: "I think the obvious is they've lost three games. I think it's important. I'll meet with them here after we're done. I think it's important to see where you're at in the position. You look at the tape and see the things that could've been if we take care of a couple of problems. You have to be real with that. You have to learn from your mistakes in order to do that and be real with that. That's how we'll go about it here."

Q: What did you like out of Joe Mays yesterday?

REID: "I thought Joe played physical, down-hill football which he did a good job with right there."

Q: In your experience, when you send things to the league, do you ever hear anything back that makes you feel better about the call or what you saw?

REID: "You try to learn from them. Good or bad. I think they do the same thing, but I mentioned this, I think yesterday, last night that the game is over. So, it doesn't really matter what I think or they thought because the record, the game stands. We lost the game whether they're right or wrong. We lost the game."

Q: What have you seen from Alex (Smith) these last three games? He's facing challenges but it seems like he's done decent with what he can.

REID: "Listen, I think we all have room to improve. Alex would tell you the same thing and so that shows he's going about, I'm going about it and the team's going about it.  There's been some good and there's been some things we can do better."

Q: The team prepares this week after dropping three straight. What does it mean to come back this week and play a rival game? REID: "Well it's Raider week. That's one thing. You throw records out when you play each other and then you just play good AFC West football. It's important that we get in and study the Raiders. We didn't play them that long ago, but you go back and study them and learn from some of our mistakes there and some of the things that happened the last couple of weeks here and play some good football on Sunday."

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