Andy Reid Provides Chiefs' Injury Updates Ahead of Offseason Workouts

The latest on the statuses of Travis Kelce, Derrick Johnson and Allen Bailey


Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid addressed the media as the team began phase one of offseason workouts Monday afternoon.

With the press conference came some injury updates—here is the latest:

DL Allen Bailey (shoulder)

Reid: "[He's] doing very well. He's almost ready to go. He's getting there, but he's got time again."

OL Parker Ehinger (knee)

Reid: "Parker Ehinger had knee surgery. He won't be involved in any of these camps before training camp."

DL Jaye Howard (hip)

Reid: "Jaye Howard had hip surgery. He's actually been rehabbing in Orlando with the surgeon that he did his work there, and he's doing well."

LB Derrick Johnson (Achilles)

Reid: "Derrick Johnson has been here. He had the Achilles surgery – might be able to do some things once we get to the mandatory minicamp (mid-June). I wouldn't hold anything against him. He's a pretty unique guy in that way. He's been through [recovering from an Achilles injury] once before, so he knows how to rehab and the pace you should go. If it's your first time, sometimes you think you're going to re-break the thing or reinjure it. In his case, he knows he can push it, and push it pretty hard, and that's how he's going about business. So, I wouldn't bet against him—no."

In his own presser later in the day, Johnson revealed he expects to be back by training camp.

LB Dadi Nicolas (knee)

Reid: "Dadi Nicolas had knee surgery. Again, probably won't do very much until camp."

TE Travis Kelce (shoulder)

Reid: "Travis had a shoulder surgery. He might be able to do some lighter stuff once we hit the Minicamp, but for the most part, he'll be rehabbing."

RB Darrin Reaves (sports hernia)

Reid: "Darrin Reaves had sports hernia surgery. He just had that a little bit ago, so he'll be back and ready to go."

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