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Andy Reid Reveals Who Among Active Chiefs Would Make Best Future Head Coach

Reid was asked the question after day six of OTAs


Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is well versed in answering questions with the media. He's been doing it in the NFL since his first head-coaching season with the Philadelphia Eagles in 1999.

Typically, he's quick to answer any question posed, definitive with each.

But Thursday afternoon, one reporter asked him a question that made him stop and think.

What Chiefs player do you think has the best chance to be a head coach?

"That's a good question," Reid said. "I'm not sure which ones want to go into coaching, I think (Anthony) Sherman wants to go into coaching."

Sherman, 27, has six years of NFL experience and is currently the starting fullback for the Chiefs. He originally joined the team in May of 2013 via trade with the Arizona Cardinals.

Over the past three seasons (2013-2015), Sherman has played an integral role on special teams for Kansas City, compiling a team-leading 24 special teams tackles.

Sherman, who also has 2 touchdowns receiving during that span, is known for his gritty personality and the toughness that comes along with it.

"I'm not sure I'd want to play for him," Reid joked, "but I think he'd be a good head coach. I joke about 'the Sausage,' but he's a sharp guy and I think he'd be a tremendous head coach."

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