Andy Reid's Postgame Presser Transcript

Coach Reid evaluates his team's Week 12 game against the Chargers


Andy Reid's Postgame Press Conference Transcript

November 24, 2013

OPENING STATEMENT: "Okay, as far as the injuries go, both Tamba (Hali) and Justin (Houston) went out of the game. Tamba has an ankle strain or sprain, and he'll have an MRI in the morning. Justin has an elbow sprain, and he'll have an MRI in the morning, likewise, and I'll get you more on that. Well, we had a tough loss, obviously. A lot of points scored on both sides and the last person with the ball ended up winning the game. There are some things we can obviously do better offensively. The turnover that we had ended up in points, and as the game went on, we needed those points and the field goal in the red zone, we have to make sure we punch that in and get that taken care of. Defensively, we didn't end either half the way we wanted to. It looked like crossing routes were a bit of an issue. In special teams, we let penalties there, which cost us our field position. So, there are a whole lot of things we can learn from and that's what we're going to do. We'll work on getting ourselves better from this. We'll have the guys in tomorrow and we'll make sure we evaluate the tape and get ourselves ready to play a good Denver football team, coming in here."

Is what happened defensively as easy as saying that you were without Justin Houston and Tamba Hali?

"I'm not saying that. We're not making excuses. The next guys come in and we expect them to step up and make plays. There's no excuse there."

Did you notice a change in energy level after Justin Houston and Tamba Hali were out?

"I didn't. I thought the guys came and played hard and the team played hard. We just gave up some big plays and we'll fix that."

What happened in that last San Diego touchdown?

"I thought it was a great throw on his (Rivers) part. They say it's a game of inches; we were off by an inch right there on the coverage. We had a man over the top of him and a man underneath him and Philip (Rivers) hit it right in the right spot."

When you called that timeout after the Dexter McCluster's catch, was it because you had the wrong substitution package?

"No. I was just calming the storm there and making sure that—we needed a touchdown at that point—make sure that we had the right things in and we were ready to go."

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