Andy Reid's Press Conference Transcript

Coach Reid evaluates the team's Wild Card matchup against the Colts

Opening Statement:

"Not much to say, compliments to the Colts for coming back. They did a nice job, 35 points in the second half. We started kicking field goals and they started scoring touchdowns, but they deserve the win for the way they played. I'm proud of my guys for the season. We've got to work through the offseason to get ourselves better, so we can do better job against a team like this, right here."

Your defense played so well the first eight or nine games, how do you explain what happened after that?

"I'm probably not in the position right now; I'm going to go back and study film, but I'm not going to talk about that right now and give you summaries on things. I need to break it all down."

Your offense was so effective, what did you do differently?

"The guys played well. They did a nice job; Alex (Smith) did a nice job, as did the offensive line. Everybody contributed and played well. We didn't do well enough though. We've got to take care of that thing at the end there and score points."

How do you approach the locker room after this?

"Sometimes, the game speaks for itself, so, you don't have to say a whole lot."

Have you ever been in a game like that?

"I can't tell you that I necessarily have; I've been in games, obviously. I've been doing this a couple of years. I've been in games, where teams come back and won or we've come back and beat teams, but not in the playoffs."

The two-point conversion and the timeout happening back to back, what was happening then?

"Obviously, we were trying to score a touchdown, down the stretch there. I wasn't watching their secondary; you're talking about the last timeout? I was looking at getting a good indicator at what they were going to play and use it."

How much did you have to change with Jamaal Charles out?

"Not much, not much. He went out, went down and we didn't have to change too much. A little bit of the passing game (as) we had some things specifically for Jamaal, other than that, no."

Does all that commotion speak to Alex Smith's abilities?

"Listen, Alex, I thought, did a good job rolling guys around and the guys playing, they played. They didn't really flinch at that part of it. Jamaal's (Charles) a great player and that can, you can use that as an excuse, but the guys never did that. I mean that's just how they approach it. I'm proud of them for that."

What happened on the intentional grounding play?

"We were trying to cut them out of the line and it didn't happen, so, he was in the throwing lane and Alex (Smith) had to pull the ball down. That was a quick screen to the left there; things happen."

What was your biggest problem in the second half?

"We had, the turnovers get you, the field position, and then you got, there's a point you've got to stop the bleeding either offensively or defensively. Our defense came back with a turnover and we ended up kicking a field goal instead of punching it in for a touchdown, which would've helped. We need to do a better job in the second half in all three phases, coaches included."

How do you process this?

"Well, no. You go through it and you evaluate it; you learn from it and it's final, because it's the end of the year. Then, you go back to the drawing board and fix it; that's what you do. You don't hang your head on it, you try to become a better football team and we're just going to have to wait until next year to do that."

The last play, Dwayne Bowe down the sideline, was that how you drew it up?

"Exactly, bump and run. (We) couldn't have drawn it up any better than that."

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