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Andy Reid Says WR Dwayne Bowe is an All-Time Favorite

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid praised receiver Dwayne Bowe during his Monday press conference

After his three-catch, 69-yard performance on Sunday, Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe surpassed the 7,000-yard career receiving mark, becoming just the third player in franchise history to accomplish that feat (Otis Taylor, Tony Gonzalez).

"Dwayne [Bowe] is one of my favorite guys that I've had a chance to coach," Chiefs coach Andy Reid said on Monday. "He keeps it real out there every day and brings energy every day. You don't have big ups and downs and personality or anything else. He enjoys doing what he does."

The feeling is mutual.


"You could definitely say a father-son relationship," Bowe explained of him and Reid's relationship. "He's going to be on you, he wants the best for you and he knows how to get it out of you. To be around a coach that also you can look at as a father figure, it helps your game."

Bowe has 51 receptions for 667 yards this season, and 37 of those receptions have resulted in first downs.

In his eight-year career, Bowe has 7,068 receiving yards, which puts him just 239 yards behind Otis Taylor for most in franchise history among receivers.

"He never complains that he doesn't get the ball enough or wants the ball or this – he just wants to win and I appreciate that," Reid said. "We go to him when we need a completion, he knows we are coming to him and he delivers.

"I think we all have a lot of trust in him as coaches and players around him and a lot of respect for him on how he goes about his job."

Bowe achieved the 7,000-yard mark faster than both of the two players ahead of him, getting there in just 116 career games (Otis Taylor - 122, Tony Gonzalez - 129).

But much of the talk concerning the Chiefs receivers this season has centered on the lack of touchdowns from them, which isn't something Bowe seems worried about.

Photos from the Chiefs Week 15 matchup against the Raiders

"It's all about being consistent, making plays no matter the red zone or middle of the field," Bowe said after the Chiefs' win over the Raiders on Sunday. "As long as the ball is coming, you are keeping the chains moving to put guys in situations that they can make plays; that is what we are doing.

"We are unselfish, we love to play football and we've been there before. I led the league before so it doesn't matter for me to score; it matters for me to win."

As a fan favorite since being drafted by the Chiefs in the first round out of LSU back in 2007, Bowe has a special relationship with the people of Kansas City.  

"The people in this town and this city just make you feel loved and make you feel like you're doing something right no matter if you're winning or losing," Bowe said. "That's why I take my time out to acknowledge them, to let them know it's real and the love I have for them is real."

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