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Andy Reid: "We'll get ourselves better"

The team's head coach discusses the Week 11 matchup vs Denver

Andy Reid's Postgame Quotes

November 17th, 2013

On injuries
"As far as the injuries go, [DL Mike] DeVito has a knee sprain. He'll have an MRI in the morning. [DE Tyson] Jackson has an abdominal strain and we'll have that checked out Monday with an MRI. [G Jon] Asamoah has calf spasms and didn't finish the game and [T Eric] Fisher hurt his shoulder; he'll have an MRI on Monday."

On Sunday night's game
"We played a good football team, and they got us today. We'll bounce back. We'll learn from our mistakes. There are plenty of things we'll learn from here and get those fixed. To start with, when you have an opportunity to score touchdowns against this team, you need to score touchdowns and not kick field goals. And then, we did a nice job with a turnover in relative scoring position on their side of the field and then we gave it right back to them with a turnover on the next play. So, you can't do those things. Too many penalties, way too many penalties against a good football team. So, listen, there are a lot of things that we can work on and we will work on and we'll get ourselves better."

On if the Chiefs are slipping defensively
"No, listen, we had opportunities there to score points after the stops that they made and we didn't do that follow-up offensively. But, our thought our defense gave us… especially to start the second half, I mean, there were two or three stops right there and then field position on two of the three of those, I believe, were in our favor. You've got to take full advantage of that and we didn't do a good enough job offensively once we had the ball. So, listen, that's my responsibility to make sure those things happen. We're a young football team; we'll get it worked out and fixed and be better next week."

On choosing not to attempt a long field goal at the end of the first half
"Well, I was trying to get (a look at) exactly what the situation was. There was a penalty. If you decline the penalty, then the half is over. If you take the penalty, you just figure out where that spot is going to be. Where the spot was, that's a pretty long field goal [64-yards]. That's a pretty good shot, even in the high altitude. You saw where they put their returner back there, DRC [Broncos CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie] was back there to return it. I thought it was better to just take a shot."

On if recording no defensive sacks was more of a credit to the Broncos' offensive line or lack of execution for the Chiefs
"I thought [Broncos QB Peyton Manning] did a good job getting the ball out fast, and I thought he worked the pocket pretty well. There were times where we had pressure and you saw him slide and throw opposite [side], which isn't an easy thing to do. He's a pretty good quarterback. He did that and got away with a couple that most guys wouldn't be able to get away with. But listen, we can do a better job there; we can get more pressure on him and we'll work on that."

On what the Chiefs could have done better offensively
"We had penalties on big plays, No. 1. You start taking yards away; you don't want to do that. I mentioned the one where you're in a scoring position there to score a touchdown on the two-yard line, you've got to punch it in and we didn't do that. Then, the field position battle; We lost that. (In) the second half, we had it initially and then it got away from us. We just didn't capitalize. We were backing up too many times as opposed to going forward. I can help out with that and do a better job with some of the calls."

On playing Denver again on Dec. 1
"Listen, we've got San Diego up next; so, we're not thinking about Denver, right now. We're moving on to San Diego and making sure that we get ready to play a good football team there. That's No. 1."

On the play of the Kansas City offensive line
"There were some good things. I'll look at the tape on it, but we did some good things. Things early we could have done better, but I thought we did a pretty good job overall."

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