Andy Reid: "We'll learn from it and get better"

The team's head coach evaluates the 23-7 loss to the Colts

OPENING STATEMENT:"Alright, as far as the injuries go, Tamba (Hali) has a sore knee. It was sore a bit, before the game, and it swelled up on him a little bit, so he'll have an MRI in the morning; that's why he came out of the game, right at the end there. Then, Dwayne (Bowe) got hit in the neck and his neck bent forward. He ended up going back in, but I'm sure he'll be a little sore tomorrow. Obviously, we're disappointed with the outcome of the game. I didn't think we were coached very well, starting with me, and I don't think we played very well. We obviously have to do a better job than that. We'll learn from it, and we'll get better and get ourselves ready to play against the Chargers. We do appreciate the fans and their support. I know it was a messy day, as far as the weather goes, and they keep showing up and cheering us on and we appreciate that. They make it tough on the opposing team and we have to do our part and do a better job there and we'll get that done."

How do you approach next week's game after this?

"I haven't even gotten that far. I wasn't anticipating this right here, so I'll look at that. I'm not going to say anything now on that, but yeah, I'll evaluate what we do, as we go forward."

You started off so strong offensively, then no more points were scored. What changed offensively?

"You know, we didn't follow up on the 23 unanswered points; I mean, that's a bad day. I felt like I could have done a better job play calling. Obviously, I wasn't putting the guys in the position we needed to do, and then, we had a couple of turnovers in there that they got 14 points off of and you can't have that. So, I feel like it was a team effort, in not a very good way. You can't pull your foot off the accelerator for sure, when you go up that quick; you have to keep pounding and that could have helped."

You may play them in two weeks. How do you avoid discouragement after this game?

"Well, I would expect our players to be upset over this and that's what I sensed in that locker room. A lot of time and effort went into preparing, same thing with the coaches and if you're not, then there's something wrong with you. You learn from it; that's the most important thing and then, like you do in the National Football League, you learn from it, you have a short memory, and then you move on and go get busy for your next opponent, whoever that might be. We've done that, up to this point, and we'll continue to do that."

Did you feel like you were beyond a game like this as far as offense goes, because of what you've been able to do the past few weeks?

"I don't think that way. I mean, I expect to go in and score points and that's how I go about it. In the National Football League, there are going to be some hiccups here and there, I mean, that happens. You battle through them and get better, better than we were today."

You looked more sure handed in worse conditions in Washington. What changed today?

"The turnovers were ball security and then the interceptions, I mean, you can't have either one of those, especially against a good football team."

The vertical passing game struggled. Are you going to change it up?

* *"Well, that's probably where I could have helped. I know I need to give the guys an opportunity to do it, first with the calls; I could have done a lot better job there, particularly earlier in the game."

What about Alex Smith not being as sharp today?

* *"You know in the second down, they were playing a lot of man coverage on second down. Again, the route is called and then the execution of it, both could have been better."

Were you concerned with the lack of discipline with the penalties? Dontari Poe's taunting penalty in particular?"

"You can't have those. We haven't had those up to this point; you do have to stay disciplined. There's no excuse for that. He (Dontari Poe) knows that. He's a smart kid and that's not his M.O. I wouldn't anticipate that happening again."

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