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Arrowhead Art Collection

The Arrowhead Art Collection gains an outdoor sculpture

On Friday morning, the 17th piece of the Arrowhead Art Collection was installed just outside the stadium at Gate F. It is the first freestanding outdoor sculpture, designed by renowned artist Jun Kaneko.

The Arrowhead Art Collection began in 2012, as a way to bring art and sports together. The program was designed to help promote regional culture, provide educational opportunities for the youth of Kansas City and to engage the community.

The installation of Jun Kaneko's sculpture at Arrowhead stadium adds one more piece to the Arrowhead Art collection.

"Arts and sports do not need to live in separate silos, they can occupy the same space, in a sense that we now have this great collection at the stadium," Sharron Hunt, Chairwoman of the program, noted. "This is our first outdoor piece and we are thrilled that this will be visible to all stadium visitors throughout the year. Kaneko's work, along with all of these pieces, brings a fresh dimension to our collection. We are thrilled to have this beautiful piece added." 

The sculpture, which is an abstract red and yellow head, was built from more than 3,000 pounds of wet clay and took almost one year to dry. It was fired in a large kiln at more than 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit and stands just over eight feet tall. It is called Horizon, from the thought that nothing exists alone – everything is in balance or contrast with one another and space.

"I work with the abstract head because I want everyone to find their own interpretation of the artwork," Kaneko said. "It is a universal image which all viewers can relate to regardless of age, nationality or language. The lack of features allows the viewer to develop their own experience of ideas with the artwork. I glazed this head with warm primary colors to express perseverance, the curved line of turquoise for understanding, the black and white pattern for calm and the yellow circle for focus, all together to create visual balance."

Kaneko is currently based in Omaha, Nebraska and his artwork is on display in more than 70 museums and over 30 public art commissions throughout the United States and Japan.

"The Hunt family has been working closely with local art experts for almost two years to assemble a collection that is unique and meaningful to this region," Bill Chapin, Chiefs Senior Vice President of Business Operations, explained. "Now 24 months into this journey, the Hunt's vision has turned into a reality, with 17 installed pieces of art now at Arrowhead Stadium and five additional pieces on the way."

These 17 pieces at Arrowhead Stadium will also serve as an educational opportunity for the youth of Kansas City.

"With the Arrowhead Art Collection, we are looking to offer an art program curriculum that will go along with the Sports Lab," Sharron noted. "The students will take a tour of the art with a docent and they will have a sketchbook and a study guide to answer questions about the pieces with their teachers in the classroom. Our educational curriculum is for third through eighth grade students."

Tours for students will begin this fall. If interested in seeing the art at Arrowhead, tours are open to the public, to find out more information visit

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