Chiefs Ambassadors Surprise, Honor Camp Quality Shawnee Mission North Student

Former Chiefs safety Deron Cherry called Noah up on stage in front of the entire student body


Noah Sanchez, 15, has had a life that has been anything but ordinary for a typical Shawnee Mission North High School freshman.

"He's been through more in his lifetime than most adults will go through in theirs," explained Alex, Noah's father.

Noah is a participant in Camp Quality and a survivor of a cancerous brain tumor, one that required chemotherapy, radiation and surgeries in order to remove and save his life. As a result of all the treatment, Noah has dealt with numerous side effects that have occasionally found him singled out among his fellow students.

When the Chiefs Ambassadors heard about this, they decided to take a visit to Shawnee Mission North to conduct an impromptu school assembly.

After addressing the students and introducing themselves, former Chiefs safety Deron Cherry and the other Ambassadors surprised Noah by inviting him to the front of the room.


Once he was there, the nine Chiefs Ambassadors in attendance, including Tim Grunhard, explained to the students how tough Sanchez was for going through all that he has and that the Ambassadors were behind him.  The former Chiefs even provided a jersey for Sanchez.

This led to a student standing ovation for Noah.

"Our kids have a great amount of admiration and respect for [Noah]," said Annette Gonzales, one of three associate Shawnee Mission North principals. "I thought that it's just awesome. Having the Chiefs here and the message that they provided not only for Noah and telling him about how great he is overcoming perseverance, but an incredible message for all of our kids to hear.

"Noah prides himself on overcoming obstacles and get to working hard, having a great work ethic, persevering, having that passion and drive and [Tim Grunhard] already said it. That's our school and he represents not only just our school well, but also the Chiefs Ambassadors."


Kansas City Chiefs Ambassadors surprised students at Shawnee Mission North High School during their winter sports assembly.


Alex couldn't believe the reaction of both Noah and his fellow classmates.

"It was absolutely amazing—it's a father's dream come true," he said. "When they heard about [Noah's] story and hear about what he's been through and still going through, it's pretty amazing. And then when they get to know him and realize he's very gentle, quiet, very caring individual, that really just takes it over the top.

"The way the guys and all the Ambassadors, and Chiefs organization is completely behind him, is amazing."

One of the charities of choice for the Ambassadors,Camp Quality* is a volunteer driven, volunteer run and community funded non-profit organization that provides free camping experiences and year-round support programs for children with cancer, and their families.*

Camp Quality Greater Kansas City's programs are focused to care for the emotional needs of children with cancer and their families.  As they face the "challenging days" and celebrate the good ones, a support network of peers provides tremendous strength and hope. For more information, visit

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