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Chiefs Chairman & CEO Clark Hunt Addresses Variety of Rule Change Proposals

Hunt spoke on a variety of topics at the NFL Annual Meeting in Arizona this week


One of the biggest storylines coming out of the NFL Annual Meeting in Phoenix this week was the 23 rule proposals that owners were going work through and discuss heading into 2015.

Of those 23 rules, there were 13 that had specifically to do with instant replay.

"We did discuss those playing rule proposals (Tuesday) morning related to instant replay," Chiefs chairman and CEO Clark Hunt said. "I won't say there's overwhelming support, but there's general support for fine tuning and perhaps increasing the number of plays that could be reviewable."

"I'm personally in favor of that."

He continued.

"The trick is figuring out a way to do it without slowing the game down. The league is going to go back and study those issues as they do every year. I'm not sure that many of those will get passed at this meeting, but certainly I think there's a growing feeling among ownership, the general managers and the coaches that we could expand instant replay."

Only one of those 13 instant replay proposals actually passed, as owners "did approve the ability to review the game clock at the end of a half, game or overtime to determine if there should be more time left on the clock."


One of the other areas that were discussed that's caught a lot of attention recently has to do with the extra point attempt after a touchdown.

For Hunt, the discussion of the extra point reminds him of the struggle his father, Lamar, went through in getting the two-point conversion in the NFL.

"My dad spent 25 to 30 years after the merger trying to get the NFL to adopt a two-point play," Hunt said. "He was finally successful (in 1994). I think everybody today understands what an important part of the game that is and how it makes the game more exciting.

"We're going to be discussing further revisions to the extra point rule that perhaps make kicking an extra point more exciting."

He continued.

"Right now, it's almost a certainty when an NFL kicker goes out to kick an extra point that it's going to be made and in a lot of ways, it's not really a play and from a fan's standpoint, I don't think that's very interesting."

Hunt was non-committal on whether the NFL would narrow the goalposts or simply move the ball back further on these extra point attempts in order to make it more exciting.

"Those types of proposals will be discussed here in the next couple days and I'm personally a proponent of doing something," he explained. "I can't say that I've picked one that I think is better than the other at this point, but I do think it's a little change that we need to carefully consider and hopefully pick what will be the most interesting in terms of the fans and making the game better."

Photos of Clark Hunt, John Dorsey and Andy Reid.

One of the more interesting proposals on the docket was for teams to be able to attempt a "bonus point" after a successful two-point conversion.

Per Pro Football Talk, the Indianapolis Colts suggested the idea to add a 50-yard field goal attempt—creating a potential nine-point possession.

"If a team lines up for a two-point conversion attempt and succeeds, that team would then line up at the 32-yard line and try a 50-yard field goal. If the kick is good, the team would get one point, for a total of nine points on the possession: six on the touchdown, two on the conversion and one on the bonus kick."

Hunt applauded the Colts for putting it out there.

"I thought it was really interesting," he said. "I doubt that it will get serious consideration, but I do applaud them for putting it out there because I think it will help stimulate discussion on the subject."

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