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Chiefs Coach Andy Reid Explains Root of Frustration After Cardinals Loss

Reid spoke about his thought process on the Cardinals loss and the final three games of the regular season

On Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals, the Chiefs committed a season-high nine penalties for 75 yards and had two costly turnovers.

The play everyone has talked about all week is the overturned call on Travis Kelce's fumble late in the game, but what's been lost is the Chiefs offense, which had struggled in the second half and particularly on that final drive, had put themselves in a position to tie or even take the lead before the controversial call that resulted in a turnover.

For Chiefs fans, it's equally as frustrating to feel like the team didn't play well enough to put themselves in a position to win a game on the road against a Cardinals team that was undefeated at home, but it's another level to feel like it was either taken from you or that it was given away by committing fixable mistakes.


"That's the positive that I take out of this as frustrated as we all are – I think the positive is there are some things we can do here to fix the issues," Reid explained. "They are not things that we can't work out."

While the rest of the world plays the "what if" game with the final three games to determine the AFC playoff picture, Reid and the team are only concerned with the Oakland Raiders, whom the Chiefs host on Sunday.

As if there's not anything else to get up for about hosting the Raiders, the Chiefs' biggest rival, they do find themselves in the playoff hunt with three games remaining, but the pragmatic approach is the best way to get the team back to what made them successful for the majority of the season.

"We put an emphasis on finishing and so now you're down to the three games and so you put the clutter of the playoffs and all that out of your mind," Reid said on Monday. "You focus in on how you take care of the game you can control and that's the one that's taking place this week.

"Then you get back to continuing to work on your fundamentals. Those are things that you can control. The rest of it you get out of your mind and go play and let your personality be a part of that and play with energy. That's how we're going to approach this."

Reid's message echoed throughout the team, which included quarterback Alex Smith.

"I don't know all the [playoff] scenarios and really don't care," Smith said. "It's not our deal. We only control this next week and who we're playing, how we go play and how we go prepare. You really need to focus on that. We have to get a win this week."

Kansas City Chiefs take on the Cardinals in Arizona on Sunday December 7, 2014

The Chiefs, snake bitten by turnovers and penalties, lost a frustrating game to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. The problems are fixable and Reid says it's important to note the positions they put themselves in before they ultimately cost themselves.

"I think it's important to see where you're at in the position," Reid said. "You look at the tape and see the things that could've been if we take care of a couple of problems. You have to learn from your mistakes in order to do that and be real with that."

The Chiefs have dropped three straight and find themselves with the Raiders, their biggest rivals, coming to town on Sunday.

"You throw records out when you play each other and then you just play good AFC West football," Reid said.


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