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Chiefs Coach Andy Reid: "I think it's still there – that rivalry"

OPENING STATEMENT:"Alright, as far as injuries go – the guys that won't practice today: Dee Ford with the hamstring strain. D.J. [Derrick Johnson] is still a bit sore, but I think we'll be okay by game time. Jeremy Maclin won't [practice] – making progress. Dontari Poe, again, the knee, so on and so forth, so he's not going to go. Kendall Reyes had a little bit of swelling on his knee, so he's not going to go, and then, Charcandrick West is still in the concussion protocol. With that, we look forward to the challenge of playing Denver. We know they're a good football team. They're the reigning World Champions. We respect that, and we're going to come out and have a good week of practice and get ready to go out there."

Q:Is the hamstring with Dee Ford a long term thing?

REID:"I don't know. We're literally taking it day-to-day. You talk to him, he's upbeat about everything. We'll just have to see, though, how it goes."

Q:Marcus Peters is all the way better?

REID:"[Marcus] Peters is going to go today, and then, we'll just see how he does rep wise – kind of keep a close eye on him."

Q:What did you see from Justin Houston in his first game back?

REID:"I saw some good things. First of all, he [Justin Houston] took quite a few snaps. I thought he had some good snaps in there. I think it was fast initially, and he kind of settled in as it went. I figured that would be the case."

Q:Alex Smith had a touchdown run on Sunday. We haven't seen that a lot from him this year. Was that circumstantially there finally or are we going to start seeing more of that from him?

REID:"It was there. That's a little bit of the way that teams are playing it now."

Q:When you have those read options where there's an option for him to keep the ball, but he's not running – does that take away the effectiveness of those plays because teams aren't respecting him to keep the ball anymore?

REID:"Well, it's really what the defense is doing – you see the linebacker there. They're doing it like they do it in college now. So, they crash the end and scrape the linebacker, so you're sitting right there with a guy sitting in front of your face. Those weren't there on Sunday."

Q:What stands out to you about this Broncos defense?

REID:"They're fast. They're leading the league in a lot of those categories – defensive categories that are important. So, they've been together a little bit – in particular their secondary. The fly around and make plays."

Q:Are there some similarities between the Denver team this year and last year? Are you going to try and win the same way that you did last year against the Broncos?

REID:"I think there are some similarities. I don't know how to answer that other than I would agree with you. They're some similarities, especially statistically there are some similarities in the areas offensively and defensively, I would say."

Q:Both teams have gotten to 7-3 this year because of turnovers.

REID:"Yeah, not only causing turnovers, but creating them on defense. I think that margin right there is a big one – yeah."

Q:Are there still some teams where there is a rivalry between the players or is that more in the past?

REID:"Yeah, I think there is. I think back in the day, I think they knew each other, then, too. Heck, you know your brother and sometimes when you fight with him, it's a pretty wild fight for a little bit. Then, you kind of love each other up afterwards. That's how it rolls. I think it's still there – that rivalry."

Q:Can you tell there is a little extra focus this week preparing for the Broncos?

REID:"Alright, listen, it's exciting anytime you have an opportunity to play them. They're the World Champs. They're there. They've been at the top of the AFC West here, so that's exciting."

Q:You've played these guys a lot over the last four years obviously, how nasty are these games? How much extra stuff is happening in these games?

REID:"It's competitive. I think both sides enjoy that challenge. That's why these guys do this. So, I'd tell you, yeah it's competitive. I think they like playing against each other."

Q:What are your thoughts on Shane Ray? Here's a guy who has the Chiefs Arrowhead on his back walking around in the Denver locker room.

REID:"Yeah, yep."

Q:What's that say about a guy who loves his hometown so much?

REID:"I think he was a big fan at one time, and now, he's a Bronco."

Q:Are two healthy running backs enough for this week?

REID:"I think we'll be alright. When it's all said and done, I think we'll be okay."

Q:How's what they do with Trevor Siemian different than Peyton Manning or Brock Osweiler last year?

REID:"Well, it's similar. Gary [Kubiak] kind of does his thing. I'd tell you that it's very much the same. There are some things in the gun that Peyton [Manning] was doing that he doesn't do. Other than that, I'd tell you, it's pretty close to being the same. Maybe a few more nakeds, and bootlegs and that type of thing. Then, you deal with Peyton and you deal with [Brock] Osweiler. You didn't do a ton of that with Peyton, you just did enough to keep them off balance."

Q:Besides having practice tomorrow, what are your plans for Thanksgiving?

REID:"I'm probably not going to eat that much. I love Thanksgiving. I understand what it's all about, which is the important part of it. It's great to be with family, and then, have the opportunity to eat. My wife's a good cook. We have a lot of people over at the house. It's a time where you can take care of the people that are in need, that maybe don't have that luxury. What a great day. It's a great day."

Q:The stats say that your quarterbacks are the fastest in the league when it comes to getting rid of the ball after the snap. How much of that is by design and how much of it is the situation?

REID:"That's always been part of this offense. You come back, you make your decision and ball is out. There's an emphasis put on that."

Q:How much of the cooking do you do yourself?

REID:"I don't. I have to give all the credit to my wife, my daughters – they get in there and crank it out. A lot of food, man."

Q:Nobody would eat it if you were cooking it anyway, right?

REID:"That's about right."

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