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Chiefs Download Podcast: Offseason Discussion - The O-Line, Jeremy Maclin and More

Former Chief Ryan Lilja came onto the podcast to discuss the Chiefs offseason


Former offensive lineman Ryan Lilja came onto the Chiefs Download Podcast to discuss new members on the offensive line, including the addition of eight-year veteran Ben Grubbs.

"I think the Grubbs signing is huge just because of where the guy's at in his career," Lilja explained. "What his experience has been, the level he's played at—couple of Pro Bowls and it's not like New Orleans wanted to get rid of him.

"He was just making too much money and so the Chiefs can profit from that."

Lilja noted that one of the bigger aspects of the Grubbs signing was the veteran leadership he brings to the table.

"You need guys in the locker room," he said. "You need guys on the bus rides. You need guys on airplanes. There's a different dynamic as far as developing players from a fellow player standpoint and a coach's standpoint.

"I think having those veteran guys to lead these guys by example is going to be really valuable."

On the podcast, Lilja goes into greater detail about the strengths of the 2015 Chiefs offensive line and how the new faces could benefit the team for the upcoming season.

In addition, Lilja, a Super Bowl winner in 2006, reveals what he believes the key quality is in building a championship team.

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