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Chiefs Flag Warrior Auditions

Audition to be on the field during Chiefs games as a Flag Warrior

You see them run across the field when the Chiefs score; they keep the crowd cheering loud as they hoist the team colors and run end zone-to-end zone at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs Flag Warriors are relied on to help keep the Chiefs Kingdom pumped up and cheering for their team.


"These guys have to have what it takes to keep Arrowhead Stadium on their feet," Stephanie Judah, Director of the Chiefs Cheerleaders. "We have 2014 Flag Warrior auditions coming up soon and are looking for enthusiastic participants."

Flag Warriors have the opportunity to watch the Chiefs games from the sidelines, interact with fans, run across the field at Arrowhead Stadium and get paid for it.

The Chiefs are looking for male candidates ages 18 or older and out of high school to be the next Chiefs Flag Warriors. Applicants must have the physical endurance to be able to run the length of the field after every Chiefs score and in any weather condition. Applicants are also expected to wave a 12'X6' flag while sprinting during pre-game. Rain or shine, Chiefs Flag Warriors are relied upon to keep Arrowhead Stadium the loudest stadium in the NFL.

Auditions will include learning several game-day routes and personal interviews. 

"It's really difficult to hold that large flag while running across the field," Judah commented. "Once everyone learns the routes, they will begin running in front of judges who are evaluating the accuracy of the route, how well they run with their partner, how they hold the flag and the form of their running."

If you think you've got what it takes to keep the Chiefs Kingdom loud and proud, plan to attend auditions on Friday, June 27th at 7:00p.m.  


To complete an application or to receive more information, contact Kelley at 816-920-4847 or email her at

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